Source: The Sun

The U.K. Sun has an interview up with Hulk Hogan. Here are some highlights:

On creative control and his relationship with Vince Russo: "People say 'Hogan, you have this creative control clause?' and I say 'yeah, but the only time I've ever exercised it in 30 years is when Vince Russo screwed me'. And it didn't even help then! I got screwed and couldn't do anything about it!

"Nowadays, we have a working relationship. I would have bet my bottom dollar that we wouldn't work together again. There was a point in time where if I was to go to TNA it was him or me. The truth is Eric Bischoff sold me on it. Eric had met with Vince and explained to me how things were different and we should sit down to talk."

On approaching Ultimate Warrior to have a threesome with himself and Linda: "What is the Warrior doing? What has this guy been saying? I've never approached him for sex. I can't speak for my ex-wife!

"We had a guest house, he stayed in it. We worked in my gym, he hung out in the pool all day with my kids, he was super nice to family. There was nothing but respect.

"All the insane, crazy stuff he is saying is nuts. Now even the most hardcore Warrior fans know he's a goof. His cover's gone now, he's so far out of line everybody just knows he is an idiot. He has no credibility. It's sad."

Not losing to Shawn Michaels: "The WWE is Vince's show, and when we went to the dressing room, Vince came in and said 'I want Hogan to go over'.

"Those were Vince's wishes. When Vince wanted Shawn to do the job, we went out and had the match, and everybody said 'Shawn oversold and he was making fun of you' and this, that and the other.

"I can look at it and see why people may say that. If Shawn was really doing that, you'd have to ask him. He's done it several times, not just with me. The reason the feud then didn't go any longer was because I shut it down.

"The next day, on the interview, I was expecting to return the favor. You beat me now I beat you and get the third one and keep it going, because he was such a great worker I thought we were going to have a great run.

"It could be my fault, maybe I had my feelings too much involved, but I thought his interview was going to be, 'You know what, I gotta give it to Hogan. He was better than me on that one night. But it will never happen again. I'm faster than him, but just at that moment the crowd were with him and he had the momentum, but it will never happen again'.

"I thought that was going to be the interview. I thought it was going to be a business interview but he came out and (sarcastically) went 'ooh, he was too fast, he was too young, he had too much hair' and I went 'ugh, I'm out'. I said to Vince 'Your boy... it's business'.

"It wasn't a creative control thing. I just said 'if it's going to be a clown show from this point on then I don't want to be out there'. I thought this guy wanted to dig and draw some money.

"I've been around Shawn since then and there is not that attitude at all. We've talked on the phone and hung out together and stuff. That piece of business is behind us."

Much more is contained in the interview, including Hogan's thoughts on the Montreal screwjob, Magnus being a potential superstar and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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