-- The Miami Herald has an article about the WrestleMania Pro-Am Golf Tournament on Friday, March 30. Dolph Ziggler talked about the tourney and said that he plans to be involved. "Last year I went, but I am absolutely no good at golf," said Ziggler. "It's like one of two sports in the entire world that I'm not awesome at, but I went just to go do it. It's for charity, there for the kids and do some things for them. It was an outreach for everybody, and I was more than happy to take part, but I'm not very good at golf at all." The article also contains quotes from WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

-- TMA has an article about actor Kris Kristofferson's son, Jody Kristofferson, working in FCW. The article contains a couple of pictures of the prospect, and notes that he's 6'2 and 230 lbs. You can check out the article at this link. As noted earlier, Kristofferson impressed Triple H months ago at a tryout, even more when he found out who his father was.

-- You can check out the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett No Disqualification Match from last night's SmackDown below:

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