Jim Ross is back with his latest blog. Here are some highlights, you can check out the full blog by clicking here.

On Brodus Clay: "Enjoyed a conversation with Brodus Clay who has been long one of my favorite prospects since I started going down to FCW in Tampa to work with the developmental talents. Clay is a big, athletic dude who can provide the sizzle ala Dusty Rhodes (@WWEDusty) but his agility is excellent as well. Like the Dream, Clay can get physical when the need arises and we will see more of that as his development continues."

If he hates TNA: "Hell, no. Why would I hate TNA? That makes no sense. It provides fans with more product to enjoy and more importantly, to me, provides wrestlers with another place to live their dream and earn a living. Same goes for ROH or any other promotion. The healthier those companies are the better it is for the overall genre. Any one who thinks that I 'hate' other wrestling organizations is 100% Pet Coon Goofy."

HBK's role at WrestleMania: "I don't know the verdict of that one officially but I can tell you that if @ShawnMichaels is involved in some fashion, and it won't be wrestling, the event will be better. Obviously, HBK has a vested interest in the HHH/Undertaker issue. I'm anxious to hear what Shawn has to say about this matter next week on Raw as he will be on TV live Monday night."

If Jeff Hardy would return to WWE: "I have no way of answering that question other than to speculate that answer would be a 'not likely.' I have no way of knowing if Jeff would even be interested or if WWE would be interested. If Jeff is happy in TNA, then my suggestion to him as a friend would be to enjoy the ride and save your cash."

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, you can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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