Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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We open Raw with a narrative replay of the closing moments of last show, showing Triple H about to fire Laurinaitis, and Undertaker returning. We then go to the arena with the usual pyro show. Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to the show. They plug a Six-Pack Challenge tonight between the Raw Chamber entrants where the winner enters last. In our first match tonight, The World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will take on The Big Show. Before that, Triple H makes his way to the ring, wearing a suit. The crowd chants for The Game before he speaks, but when he finally does, he says there's rumors floating around, mainly spread by John Laurinaitis about what he was doing last week. He was here to fire John Laurinaitis. With that being said, he never got to it, but he does see Laurinaitis as a lying, manipulative weasel, and those are his good qualities. He really doesn't have anything redeeming about him in anyway. He says Laurinaitis flew up to Stanford to plea with the board to keep his job, and they will be reviewing his proposal, and a decision may be made tomorrow morning.

He's here to talk about Undertaker's return, however. He makes it clear that Undertaker could not even walk on his own power after their match last week. He says after 20 years in this business that he still gets "that feeling" for. He feels chills every time that gong hits, and he's still in awe after 20 years. He says he stands before the Undertaker humbled, and last week, the scene was reminiscent of last year, only the roles were reversed. Triple H points at the entirely too large WrestleMania XXVIII, and says that Undertaker wanted a rematch, but he looked into his eyes, and says for the first time ever, he wasn't in awe, and he wasn't humbled, and that he was sorry, and felt bad for the Undertaker. He says he chooses to remember Undertaker in a certain way, whether we do or not. He says he chooses to remember the Undertaker like this, and we go to a video package of some of Undertaker's greatest WrestleMania moments. He says that is Undertaker, and that's how he chooses to remember the Undertaker, and he doesn't want to remember this: It's a video package of last year's 'Mania, where Undertaker couldn't get up on his own power and had to be carried to the back.

He says no one will ever compare to Undertaker, the most dominant force in WWE history. After a long pause, he says for that reason, he says no to Undertaker's challenge at WrestleMania. He says he knows that's not the most popular decision he's made, but the fans weren't in the ring with 'Taker, he was. He says he knows if they wrestle again, he'll have to finish it, and maybe that's what Undertaker wants. Maybe he wants to be put down. Triple H says everyone, including Undertaker, have limits, and we all saw them last year, and he's not going to be the guy to push him past them. Triple H's music plays for just a bit, then stops right before he gets out of the ring. Triple H looks on wondering what's going on, and the lights go out. A video starts playing on the titantron of Undertaker watching clip of last year's match in a weird room. He says it's not over. This is a really nice video package. Undertaker says the victory means nothing, and he wants vengeance, and he'll give him one more chance at the streak. We come back and go to commercial with Triple H standing in the ring, staring intently at the titantron.

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