Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Back from the break, Cole says that the decision on Laurinaitis's job will be announced tomorrow morning at 10 a.m EST on Lawler then leads us in to the replay of the 'Taker video package that played during the opening segment.

After that, Laurinaitis is backstage, and Josh Matthews asks him what he thinks the decision will be tomorrow. He says even though he's made a lot of mistakes, the board is looking for someone like him, not someone like Triple H to run Monday Night Raw. It's time for the main event now as we go to Justin Roberts, who goes over the rules for this match, stumbling just a tad, but that's the first time I can remember him even remotely messing up. R-Truth is out first. We go to commercial as he gets in the ring. Back from the break, R-Truth is the only one in the ring, so it looks like everyone will get entrances. Ziggler is out next, with Vickie, followed by Kofi Kingston. Chris Jericho comes out next, with a serious look as always. The Miz and the WWE Champion, CM Punk each come out next. This is going to be a very hectic match to write, bear with me. Keep in mind that the winner becomes the last entrant in the Elimination Chamber match at the PPV.

Six-Pack Challenge: R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs CM Punk

We starts with everyone besides Punk attacking Jericho, and Punk quickly rolls up Miz for a two count. Ziggler and Kofi attack each other and Punk and Miz are going at it. Jericho must have rolled out of the ring, and Truth starts double teaming Ziggler before him and Kofi start attacking each other. Jericho is lying on the arena floor, biding his time to get in as Punk hits some kicks to Miz's chest. Truth and Ziggler hammer on each other, and Jericho tries to get in, but he gets sent right back out. Miz gets a two count on R-Truth, but Punk breaks it up and hits Miz with some chops. Punk goes for his Corner knee, but misses and falls out of the ring. Truth Clotheslines Miz out of the ring, and then barely hits him with a Somersault, and hits the floor kinda' hard on his own. I think that was more Miz's fault that the move didn't work right though. Kofi gets slingshoted onto the turnbuckle by Ziggler, and he then jumps out on Jericho and Miz outside the ring. Ziggler teases a Suicide Dive but pulls up short, really playing the crowd. We go to commercial after Punk took down Ziggler off camera and got a two count.

Coming back to Raw, Truth is being helped out of the arena, and this confirms my theory that he hurt himself on that dive. I think this is legit folks. Ziggler hits a Stinger Splash on Punk, and Miz misses one on his own. Punk takes out both men, then hits a Scoop Slam on Ziggler, followed by a Hangman's Neckbreaker on Ziggler, and a DDT on Miz at the exact same time. Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice on Miz, but Ziggler saves the matchup. Punk then locks it in on Ziggler, but Kingston breaks it up this time. Punk goes for the GTS on Kingston, but instead dumps him over the top rope when he couldn't hit it. Punk and Jericho are now the only ones in the ring, and the crowd goes nuts, cheering for Punk. Right before they can do anything, Ziggler and Miz attack them both. Miz botches for what I believe is the second time in the match, but nonetheless, Jericho and Miz clothesline each other. Ziggler goes up high, but Punk catches him with some chops and elbows, then goes up top himself. He goes for a Superplex, but Miz and Jericho catch him, and they both slam Punk down, who also Superplexes Ziggler. Miz pins Punk, and Jericho pins Ziggler. The referee counts them both, but they both kick out. Kofi comes in for half a second before Miz boots him back out. Jericho and Miz goe at it, and Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Jericho ducks down as Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise, sending Miz outside the ring.

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