Source: The Miami Herald

As noted earlier, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper recently spoke with The Miami Herald about WrestleMania, the Hall Of Fame and what he's up to today. Here are some highlights:

Why he wants John Cena and The Rock in Piper's Pit: "It would get huge ratings... You can bring things they've done outside our industry back into our industry during the Pit. It's a statement I'm looking for. The statement is WWE is right up there with every other entertainment group in the world or better. That is the statement I would like to come out of that Piper's Pit. It's not for me. I have had a lot of Piper's Pits. I look at the roster, and I can really make that roll."

Headlining the first WrestleMania: "The first WrestleMania was March 31, 1985. Well, I probably wrestled every day up until March 29th in some arena some place. So when I walked out into Madison Square Garden at WrestleMania, it was really just another night to me. You just change the name of it; that's all. With the participants, mind you, we had the problem that I wouldn't do business with Mr. T. That put a real edge to it, but other than that, I was in Madison Square Garden a lot of times before we just put the word WrestleMania out there... If you as a performer are going to get all wrapped up in the title of WrestleMania, you aren't going to go out there and perform. You are going to psyche yourself out. If I'm in Poughkeepsie, I'm going to give 110 percent. If I'm in the Garden or Wembley Stadium, I'm going to do the same."

Why Mr. T should be in the Hall Of Fame: "[Yes] Nelson Mandela said something that always stuck with me. For 20 something years he was put in prison for political reasons, and he said that every morning when the guard would open the door he was the first one to extend his hand. I would hope that Roddy Piper would be man enough to stand up if they needed someone to induct him or say, 'Hello. How are you?' after all these years. I would hope I had that type of class."

If Mike Tyson should be in the Hall Of Fame: "I'm not sure about Tyson. Who did he wrestle? So after a few weeks [of appearances] you are going to put him in the Hall of Fame? What about Savage? All I'm saying is he has never wrestled. They are putting him in the 'celebrity wing', which is cool. They are doing it to also get a number. I'm a purist. There are a lot of guys who should be in the Hall of Fame.

"I'll tell you who should be inducted. Cyndi Lauper should be inducted into the celebrity part of the Hall of Fame. [She] doesn't get enough credit. While she received the female vocalist of the year [Grammy] award, the last thing she said when she got her award was, 'Roddy Piper, you are going to get yours.' That drew a lot of attention…. I think Cyndi would deserves to be inducted into the celebrity part of the Hall of Fame. That is just my opinion."

Never having won the WWE Championship: "That is actually something I'm proud of. People get titles to get over. I don't need no stinkin' badge. I never aspired for it. When I was 19, I won the NWA light heavyweight championship and 30 some other titles. So after all those kinds of accomplishments, I was in it for the business even though they try to make a big thing about it.

"So you've won it 10 times, Woo Hoo. Some guys won it 10 times. Some guys won it 12. Come on, I don't need no stinkin' badge. Just put me in there, and I get the job done. If I were to come back for one it would be just to face the champion or Vince McMahon."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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