Source: James Caldwell and PWTorch

The Rock appeared in-studio on ESPN SportsCenter Thursday promoting his "Journey 2" movie and WrestleMania 28 on April 1. Rock mentioned his opponent, John Cena, by name and described him as WWE's biggest star before resuming the theme of their Twitter battle by questioning Cena's manhood. "Dream come true," Rock said about wrestling in Miami at WM28. "I quietly retired and walked away. I knew I was going to come back, just didn't know when. It all aligned down in Miami, WWE's biggest star (Cena), my boots to Cena's ass."

Rock then talked about NBA star LeBron James and playing college football at Miami, then joked about The Undertaker's leather outfit being intimidating because he doesn't think Taker has washed it in nine years. He then dropped an uncensored "bulls---" before repeating his "boots to Cena's ass" line after SportsCenter host John Buccigross flashed a Cena action figure. Bucci concluded the interview by joking they might be kicked off the air at this point.

The Rock also appeared on the CBS Morning Show. Here is a video:

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