Source: Guru Magazine

Samoa Joe recently spoke with Guru Magazine, here are some highlights from the interview:

On having to defend wrestling: "Obviously during the 'Attitude era' and even now we have pushed the borders on controversial topics and we do all kinds of things that the general populus may not like but you'd be hard pressed to watch most TV nowadays and not find the same thing. Is it the greatest moral compass and example of how to live your life? Absolutely not, because we solve almost everything through violence! But at the same time, if you're looking at it that seriously, then I think you're missing the plot."

Where TNA will be in five years: "I think five years from now, TNA will still be doing well and thriving, and will have more of an international presence around the world. For all of the criticism that people like to levy against the company I've heard 'it'll be dead in five years, six years, whatever' every year we've grown, every year we've expanded and we've forged ahead into new markets the UK, now India [with new promotion Ring Ka King], and that trend will continue. I think anybody that thinks otherwise is kidding themselves and we'll be more than happy to prove you wrong!"

Much more is contained in the interview including the proudest moment of Joe's career, you can check it out by clicking here.

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