Jeremiah Riggs, who appeared as a contestant on Tough Enough last year, believes he's been blackballed from the professional wrestling industry after receiving no interest from WWE nor TNA Wrestling last year.

"I've been approached by a few wrestling promoters about coming in and doing some stuff. My manager even met with TNA several times but in the end politics won out. Am I blackballed in wrestling because of FCW? Probably, but it's all good. I enjoyed wrestling but I'm not a wrestler. I'm a professional athlete," he told in an interview.

In regards to FCW, a "notorious incident" with Dusty Rhodes and training staff led to WWE rejecting the Mississippi native.

"There were a lot of guys with the same look doing the same stuff trying to kiss ass and get ahead. That's not me," he says. "Some of the guys told me they thought it was great because I was myself and I didn't sell out or kiss ass. I have nothing but respect for Dusty or Bill (DeMott), but I'm not a yes man. I will do whatever is asked of me and give it one hundred percent but I don't do politics. What you see is what you get."

Riggs now has his sights set on mixed martial arts. He will make his return to the cage on March 16, 2012 at Bellator 61 against the undefeated Trey Houston. To read his comments on the fight, click here.

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