WWE Smackdown! Results: Things Heat Up For Elimination Chamber

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In the back, Teddy Long is talking to Aksana about suspending Mark Henry. Long states that he had to do it and Aksana says that Long deserves a reward. Before anything goes further, World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan walks in and asks what's going on. Bryan mentions that Teddy didn't invite him to the barbeque that Long had in the parking lot and Long apologizes. Bryan ignores the apology and reminds Teddy that he lives a vegan lifestyle and feels sick. Therefore, he can't compete tonight. Long says that he's tired of the preaching and tells Bryan that he still has to compete tonight.

In the ring, Diva's champion Beth Phoenix is taking on Alicia Fox. Beth taunts Fox by holding the ropes and telling Alicia to get out of her ring. The action begins with Beth trying to force Alicia out, but Fox reverses it and gets shoved to the mat for her refusal. Alicia begins fighting back, trying to get something going but Beth catches Alicia mid-air when she attempts a springboard elbow and throws her hard onto the canvas. Beth then decides to end the matter and nails Fox with the Glam Slam, getting the victory. After the match ends, Phoenix continues to attack Alicia until Tamina comes down to the ring and the powerful women stare each other down. Beth then backs away and leaves, embracing her title.

Backstage, Natalya is talking to Tyson Kidd about how embarrassed she is due to her "problem". Kidd tells her not to worry about it, but Natalya says she meant that she talks too much. Then, as Hornswoggle enters the camera shot after Kidd leaves, Natalya farts and when the little guy notices it, he drops to the floor, passing out. Natalya then blames it on Tyson, before running from the scene.

Now, it's time for the tag team match that was announced earlier. In the ring, Cody Rhodes is set to square off with The Big Show, before he is frightened by a scream and he immediately tags in Wade Barrett. However, Wade is then clobbered so hard that he tags Cody back into the match. Cody is looking to move around the ring, but Show catches up to him and blasts him with a devastating chop. After a Big Show guerrilla press slam, Big Show is looking to land a WMD but Cody sneaks out of harm's way.

Then, both Wade and "The Great White" step into the ring for action with Sheamus gaining the advantage. After holding Barrett up in the ropes, Sheamus nails him with his signature clubbing blows and nearly gets the victory. After weathering the storm, Barrett nails an unsuspecting Sheamus with a powerful big boot then tags Rhodes into the contest. However, right before the commercial break, Sheamus is powerfully handling Rhodes. The action continues after the break and Sheamus nearly gets the win after slamming Cody into the canvas. Sheamus then tags Show back in and allows him to tag Cody with a hard shot to the rib cage. After Big Show forces Cody into the corner, he fails to connect with anything solid and Rhodes manages to tag his partner. Barrett, taking advantage of a prone Big Show, nails him from behind, following it up with a strong clothesline. Cody is then tagged back into the match and nails Show off the top rope, only getting a two count.

After some fairly back and forth action, Cody blasts The Big Show with a dropkick, then going into a sleeper-hold, only to have it turned into a sidewalk slam. Show, crawling to his corner, finally tags Sheamus in as Cody reaches Wade and Sheamus blasts away on Wade Barrett, hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam and looking to land his Brogue Kick. Sheamus blasts Barrett just as Big Show stops Rhodes from interfering by nailing him with a monstrous spear. Sheamus and The Big Show pick up the win and celebrate in the ring.

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