Source: 95.7 The Game

Alberto Del Rio returns to action tonight at the WWE Live Event at the Cow Palace outside of San Francisco, CA. He appeared on San Francisco's 95.7 radio station yesterday to promote the event, here are some highlights:

On his injury: "[It's] the worst injury a man can suffer... I completely tore my groin, so you know that's painful [laughs]. I had surgery, they reattached the muscle from my leg to my hip. The doctor... did a great job. Now I'm running, jumping, and ready to roll into the ring."

Wrestling with a mask in Mexico: "There's a big tradition for masked men in Mexico. The most important match in Mexico is a mask vs. mask, and the one who loses, loses his identity, his mask, everything. Here in the States the mask is not so important, people like to see your facial expressions, the way you talk, the way you move."

What wrestling groupies are like: "It's interesting [laughs]... that's all I'm going to say... there's some ladies that really enjoy wrestling and wrestlers."

Which wrestlers he doesn't like: "The Miz! I hate The Miz. This is not part of the show, I really dislike like that guy. I've tried to punch him in the face several times -- not in the ring -- I mean outside the ring. He's like a little girl, he's always running away from me."

Why he hates The Miz: "There's a big difference between The Miz and I... I'm a real athlete. He's just a loud, stupid little kid. He's one of those guys who was probably bullied when he was in school and that's the reason now he's so, so loud and he wants to get attention from everybody. But in my case, I'm the real deal."

If Miz has a lot of female fans: "I don't think so, because he's fat and ugly."

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

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