-- As noted yesterday, WWE has plans to release a WCW Clash of the Champions DVD set this May. According to a report on PWInsider, the DVD will be hosted by Dusty Rhodes, who created the event. The DVD is set to be released on May 22nd, and has a run time of 540 minutes.

-- The Daily Beast has an article detailing Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum's ties to WWE in the late 1980s. Santorum was part of a team that lobbied the Pennsylvania government to get wrestling to be categorized as "entertainment" instead of "sport," saving the company any government oversight as well as allowing them to avoid paying local taxes and fees to the state athletic commission.

"I was at the center of that," Santorum recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Pennsylvania was the most pernicious of states when it came to regulation. They made you pay all this money to the boxing [athletic] commission. They used to just rape these guys. You'd have to pay a certain percentage of the gate receipts to have these officials just stand around and watch the match. It was ridiculous."

The article argues that deregulation contributed to the environment which led to a lot of wrestlers dying at an early age. You can check out the full article at this link.

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