Jim Ross made his weekly appearance on the Sean Pendergast show on Yahoo Sports Radio on Saturday. The following are the highlights of the interview.

- Ross was asked about the Undertaker and Triple H saga on Raw. He said he thought it would be tough for the company to followup on the hot Undertaker return from the previous week. However, he praised the angle and said he loves the foundation laid for the story. He said it goes against the grain for fans who want immediate gratification. He mentioned Shawn Michaels appearing on Monday's show and said it's all playing out nicely.

- Ross was asked about the direction the story could take now that Shawn Michaels is in the mix. He mentioned Undertaker retired Michaels, just as Michaels retired Ric Flair. He spoke of the real life friendship of Triple H and Michaels. Pendergast said he'd like to see Michaels show jealousy in that he doesn't want Hunter to be the guy who puts away the man who retired him.

- Ross said he's tired of whiners on Twitter who don't like multiple matches involving the same wrestlers. He mentioned complaints from fans who point out that Taker and Hunter have already wrestled. "So what?" Ross said. He said he finds it asinine when people keep track of how many times guys have wrestled one another. He said he thinks that by the time WrestleMania gets here, people are going to be salivating to see how it plays out. "This is really compelling stuff," Ross said. "It's not about how they've wrestled once or twice at WrestleMania. I don't give a damn."

- Ross was asked about Chris Jericho's promo. He said the highlight of the segment was Jericho's reaction to C.M. Punk mocking him by not saying a word. He predicted that they could produce some of the best promos leading into their expected match at WrestleMania. He said it may turn out to be the best match on the WrestleMania card. Ross stressed that he's merely assuming that they will have a match at WrestleMania.

- Ross said The Rock and John Cena are not told what to tweet. He said he believes it's become extremely personal. He said some of the things they tweet make him uncomfortable, and he considers that to be a good thing. Ross noted that he recruited both men. "I can tell you, these guys are serious about what they are doing," Ross said. "I can tell you they don't like each other."

- Ross said his BBQ business had a great holiday season, but they are actually on pace for a better January. He said having nearly 350,000 followers on Twitter has been a great marketing tool. He said the sauce is his mother's recipe and it's a family run business. He stressed that listeners could go to to order.

- Ross was asked about the Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit fight. Ross said he enjoys watching Diaz fight, but he obviously has issues. He said there's obviously something "not stirring the Kool-Aid." He said they have a short shelf life as MMA fighters and said that smoking marijuana is a bonehead decision. He said you have to wonder how much longer UFC will continue the relationship.

- They closed the show by talking about the season premiere of "Swamp People." Ross said he recorded the show and watched it a couple of times.

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