'TNA Against All Odds' Results - Roode Retains, New Champs Crowned

Aries heads to the top and tries for the 450, but Shelley moves. Shelley connects with sliced bread and goes for the pin, but Aries gets his hand on the ropes and this match continues. The crowd is going crazy, chanting for once more. Aries ducks a kick to the face and rolls Shelley through with knees to the top of the head, then a kick to the top of the head, before hitting him with a corner dropkick and brainbuster. Aries goes for the pin but Shelley kicks out at two.

Aries looks stunned. He picks Shelley back up to his feet, but he's rolled up in a small package for two. Shelley hits Aries with a superkick to the chest, then a kick to the back of the head and goes for the pin, getting another two count, the crowd is going nuts. Shelley tries for sliced bread, but Aries reverses with a crazy slam. Aries hits knees to the top of the head again, a brainbuster, then rolls into the last chancery. Shelley is forced to submit.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

AJ Styles vs. Kazarian

Kazarian is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he doesn't look to happy to be accompanied by Daniels. Daniels appears unaware of this though, smiling and talking the whole way down to the ring. Kaz and Daniels get a pretty mixed, but mostly negative reaction. Kaz is even wearing a Daniels t-shirt. Styles is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a huge pop from the crowd as he makes his way out.

Daniels hypes up Kaz on the outside before making his way up to the apron with him. Daniels tells Kaz not to take of the t-shirt, but to wrestle in it instead, before he drops back down to the floor.

The bell rings, and Kaz asks for a handshake right away, but Styles backs him up into the corner and rips off the Daniels shirt. Kaz charges Styles, but ends up thrown down to the mat, where he's locked into a side head lock. Kaz tries to fight it off, but Styles continues to grind down on Kaz. Styles flips Kaz over and down to the mat, trying to wear the man down. Kaz rolls out of the hold, and hits an arm drag, holding on in an arm bar.

Styles fights up to his feet and reverses, taking Kaz back down with another side head lock. Kaz gets up to his knees, then feet, fighting his way out into a hammer lock on Styles. Styles turns things around, but Kaz ends up being thrown to the floor by Styles.

Styles stares down Daniels, who shouts encouragement to Kaz. Kaz heads back into the ring and he's met with a nasty kick, then a beautiful dropkick to the fact. Styles stares down Daniels again before turning back to Kaz and laying him out with a big backbreaker.

Styles picks Kaz up and slams him face first into the turnbuckle before blasting him with a kick to the back. Styles hits Kaz with elbows to the back before whipping him across the ring. Kaz is able to jump over Styles and drive the back of his head down into the mat. Kaz heads to the outside, and he avoids a plancha from Styles, but Styles lands on the apron and connects with a flying forearm out to the floor to Kaz. Styles and Daniels continue to have words before Styles rolls Kaz back into the ring.

Styles clamps on the Indian deathlock, but Kaz is able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Styles continues to work over Kaz in the corner, whipping him hard across the ring. Styles misses a flying forearm and Kaz connects with a big monkey flip out of the corner, to the approval of Daniels. Kaz gut wrenches Styles over into a big slam, but only gets a one count off of Styles. Kaz slams Styles to the mat before springing off the middle rope with a big led drop which is good for another one count.

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