Against All Odds: Robert Roode Vs. James Storm Vs. Bully Ray Vs. Jeff Hardy

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Storm and Roode tease the crowd for a bit before trading rights. Storm back drops Roode in the middle of the ring, but charges into double boots in the corner. Hardy is back in and hits a back elbow to Roode and the whisper in the wind to Roode. Hardy sends Storm from the ring with a jawbreaker, but he's laid out by Ray with a big boot.

Ray drops a series of elbows on Hardy for a two count. Ray knocks Storm from the apron and back out to the floor to keep him out of the match. Hardy hits Ray with a series of rights, but Ray back drops Hardy, and splashes Hardy for another near fall. Sting is shown watching from the outside. Ray takes Hardy into the corner and rips his shirt before hitting him with a big chop to the chest. Ray tries to hang Hardy up in the tree of woe, but seats him on the top turnbuckle instead.

Ray follows up and hits a superplex on Hardy while Storm and Roode fights on the outside. Roode heads back into the ring, and Ray calls for a spike piledriver on Hardy. Hardy fights it off and hits a leg drop to the midsection of Ray. Storm and Hardy head up for a double suplex. Ray gets in on the action, and turns it into a tower of doom by power bombing Storm and Hardy. Ray goes for a couple of pins, then a side slam on Storm and another pin, but can't get a three count.

Hardy hits the twist of fate on Ray, but turns around into a fight, and a TKO from Roode. Roode charges Hardy, but he's checked across the ring by Ray. Ray tries to splash Hardy in the corner, but Hardy avoids it and Ray splashes the ref. Ray hits Hardy with the Bubba bomb, but the ref is down and Ray's pin doesn't mean anything. Hardy hits the twist of fate on Ray, and he goes for the pin but the ref is again still down. Roode hits a spear on Hardy, and Storm hits the code breaker on Roode. Storm calls for the last call and he hits it on Roode. Storm pins Roode, but Ray pulls the ref from the ring. Sting confronts Ray on the outside and Storm leaps over the top, but he connects with the ref.

Back in the ring, Roode hits a spinebuster on Ray. Hardy hits Roode with a twist of fate, but misses the swanton. Roode heads to the outside and grabs the belt. Sting heads into the ring and tears the belt away from Roode. Roode shoves Sting and argues with him, daring him to hit Sting before spitting in his face. Sting swings the belt at Roode, but connects with Hardy when Roode ducks. Sting looks furious, yelling at Roode. Roode drops to his knees and yells at Sting to count the pinfall. Roode laughs in Sting's face as he counts three for Roode.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

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