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Raw starts with the usual WWE signature, followed by a promo highlighting what happened last week at the end of the show between Kane and Eve. We then come live to a closeup of Kane's hideous face. He says there's nothing that he won't do to finally get John Cena to embrace the hate. Tonight, two things will happen. Cena will embrace the hate, and someone is going to take a ride in the ambulance beside him. We then go to the Raw opening video.

Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to San Diego, California, and Cole plugs Laurinaitis's return, along with Shawn Michaels's too. Justin Roberts welcomes King in the ring. King says welcome to the first ever Elimination Chamber debate. All the participants of the Raw chamber are in the ring behind podiums. He announces each of them one by one. Miz gets the most heat, Jericho is mixed, and Punk gets the most cheers. Punk is very sarcastic here. Lawler says they have 45 seconds to respond to his questions. He asks Punk what makes him think he can walk out of the chamber with his WWE Championship. Before Punk answers, Laurinaitis comes out, flanked by David Otunga. Punk boos him, but Laurinaitis says how happy he is to be here tonight, and thanks the board of directors for not firing him, that is all.

King goes back to Punk and asks him the question a second time. Punk says he would like to say three things, the first being to the WWE Universe, and he promises that this debate will not end up in violence. The crowd boos. Punk then offers his sincere congratulations to Laurinaitis keeping his job, and that a lot of people must assume that Laurinaitis must have done something, like send nude pictures, but he knows it was just a lot of begging, as you can tell by the worn out knees in his slacks. Punk then gets to King's question, and says he'll win because he's the best wrestler in the world. Jericho scowls as King asks for Ziggler's rebuttal. Vickie tries to talk, but the crowd boos her. She says there should be no booing allowed. Ziggler says he's better at everyone here at everything, and he backs it up every single night. Then there's poeple like R-Truth who doesn't even know what state we're in right now. Truth says if he's elected, the first thing he'll do is trade Vickie and Ziggler to Smackdown for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders. Ziggler says we're not running for office, and asks how he even works here. Lawler tells Truth to continue, and Truth calls King "Your Honor." Truth then says if he's elected, he'll make it legally required to say "What?" after every line of the Pledge of Allegiance. He then goes back to the spiders, and says he'd make some spider stew. Oh man this is great. He finishes with God bless Little Jimmy and the United States. King then goes to The Miz. Miz corrects Lawler when he says he was in the main event of WrestleMania, and says he wasn't just in it, he won it. Miz then says Kofi is an afterthought, Truth is insane and Jimmy should take his spot. Punk is 0-2 in the Chamber, Ziggler's never been in an Elimination Chamber, and the only time he's ever scored is with an old woman. Vickie yells at him as Miz goes to Chris Jericho. The buzzer goes off as Miz trash talks Jericho.

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