-- Jim Ross was spotted on the sidelines for the Oklahoma University women's basketball game last night.

-- Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide during last night's RAW Supershow were Zack Ryder, Poor Zack, Eve Torres, John Cena, Tamina Snuka, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, R-Truth, Hornswoggle and Troy Polamalu. The term "snickelfritz" was also trending.

-- Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu wrote on Twitter that he was at RAW with his family to see his "sister" Tamina Snuka.

-- Regarding the term "snickelfritz," Punk used the term in a promo talking about John Laurinaitis. Punk told Twitter followers early on Monday that his goal was to get "snickelfritz" to trend worldwide and he did just that.

-- Below is Matt Hardy's latest YouTube video talking about an upcoming independent appearance:

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