WWE superstar Chris Jericho was interviewed by KTLA Morning News in Southern California on Valentine's Day. During the conversation, Jericho discussed a number of topics, including his return, practicing yoga, his band Fozzy and more. Here are some highlights:

On coming back to WWE: "I came back to WWE over the last couple of months. Actually, when I did Dancing With The Stars, that's when I last talked to you guys. At the end of it, I herniated a disc in my back which I'm sure that after 20 years of wrestling was right on the precipice of exploding. So it did. And I was really messed up. So, I started doing yoga and it totally cleared all the problems that I had.

"[Yoga] does make you a better wrestler because -- like I said -- it just opened up my body. I really did have this bad herniation in my back. I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit, I couldn't sneeze. Completely gone. If you can't sneeze, what else do you got?"

On what he and his band, Fozzy, have been up to lately: "That's another thing I was doing when I was off. We toured 16 countries for the last record, which was great. [Jericho is asked why he isn't performing on the show.] We want to play here. Last time we came here, we saw Eddie Money play. We were like, 'We gotta play'. We just signed a major record deal so the [new] record will be coming out in August. So, we'll come back and maybe we can play. We'll invite Eddie Money to come and join in on tambourine or something like that."

On hosting the Revolver Golden God Awards: "It is an award show that started about four years ago by Revolver magazine. It's heavy metal and hard rock awards. I host it every year. It's at Club Nokia. Ozzy [Osbourne] Alice Cooper, Lars -- everybody shows up. So, it's kind of like a fraternity party for all the heavy metal people and I'm your host! I am there.

"It was funny because last year, I was doing Dancing With The Stars and hosting. And a lot of people were like, 'You can't be in a metal band and be on Dancing With The Stars'. But as I was hosting, Geezer Butler, the bass player for Black Sabbath came up and was like, 'I've been watching you on Dancing With The Stars. I even voted for you, too'. I was like, yes! ... My credibility was restored."

You can watch the full interview below:

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