Source: BBC Sport

BBC Sport has an interview with Kurt Angle about his 2012 Olympic aspirations. Here are some highlights:

His chances of making the Olympic team: "Slim to none, I'm not going to lie but, if I can look you in the eye and say I have a chance that's more than enough. That's worth training five hours a day to get ready for the trials and for the biggest event of all, the Olympics."

His health: "I've had a rugged 10 years. I've been through painkiller abuse to broken necks to wrestling 300 days a year, beating my body down... I've had to change. I've pulled back on taking chances."

His current shape: "You've got to stay in pretty good shape to be a pro wrestler and all the TNA wrestlers get a bit nervous when I wrestle them because they're afraid I'll tire them out but the Olympics is a whole different level... I'm not even at peak condition. It's kind of like a work of art, you're drawing this painting and you want to see what it will look like at the end. We're going to find out in a couple of months."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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