-- Courtesy of TimesUnion.com, here are some notes from yesterday's WrestleMania 29 press conference in New Jersey:

* NY Giants' John Mara and NY Jets owner Woody Johnson were on hand for the announcement but neither spoke. Governor Chris Christie had a prior commitment but left before the conference was over. Mara and Johnson left as soon as it ended also due to prior commitments.

* The event started 30 minutes late.

* 15 different cities made bids to WWE for the chance to host WrestleMania 29. MetLife Stadium spent three years working to get a WestleMania and almost settled on hosting a SummerSlam before it went to Los Angeles.

* MetLife's outgoing president Mark Lamping said that getting the chance to host WrestleMania was harder than bidding on hosting the Super Bowl.

-- Courtesy of The Asbury Park Press at app.com, here is footage of Triple H speaking at the WrestleMania 29 press conference yesterday:

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