Recently, former WWE and World Heavyweight champion, John Cena was interviewed by Peter Rosenberg of New York's Hot97. During the interview, Cena discussed WrestleManie 29 taking place at Met Life Stadium, the incredible rise of NBA star Jeremy Lin and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On Jeremy Lin revitalizing the New York Knicks: "You guys and your sports. I know seven in a row is admirable and what he's done is fantastic. [The interviewer asks if John Cena is hating on Lin.] No. Not at all. I just said, what he's done is fantastic. I can only hope it translates into the Knicks making the playoffs and maybe getting them another championship."

On the Boston Red Sox blowing the playoffs in the final month of the season: "It didn't pan out for them. But they gave it all they had and (there were) some real dramatic moments there."

On being a Tampa Bay Rays fan: "I'm a fan of baseball. Believe it or not, now that (Theo) Epstein went to the Cubbies, I truly think there's a Back To The Future thing going on. The Marlins changed their uniforms. I think (in) 2015, they're going to shift to the American League and the Cubbies are going to finally a World Series.

"So, I'm a baseball fan above all. But, you know, I'm local now in Tampa and -- I've always said -- the reason I like the Rays is that they're underdogs. You can go to any given game and there's 10,000 people in the building. I wish that they could draw some more fans."

On possibly releasing another hip hop record: "I keep it touch with (Freddie) Foxxx a lot and believe it or not -- he's still got, like, 20 joints that me and him have done. So, we've still got material. So, you never know."

Note: Thank you to helixgx2 for pointing out an error in this article.

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