Recently 2012's Royal Rumble winner, Sheamus, was interviewed by Hot97's Peter Rosenberg. During the interview, Sheamus discussed his new moniker, "The Great White", as well as his current run of success. Here are the highlights:

On how he gained the nickname, "The Great White": "It's something that came up, kind of, accidentally. When I was in a feud with Mark Henry at SummerSlam last year, we were literally going back and forth quite a lot. There really hadn't been no physical altercation. He'd been throwing his weight around and I stepped up to the plate. I think, one time, I called him a giant whale and told him to roll it off the water for this great white. That's what I call myself, like, a great white shark. It's stuck pretty well. You look around the arenas now and (there's) big shark signs and fins with my head on it... It's cool stuff.

"Our WWE Universe fans are really creative with some of the signs they bring, as well. That's really a huge part of our show, as well. They come to have fun and to be entertained and that's exactly what we do."

On how his babyface run compares to his heel run: "I think it's like anything else. When you start out somewhere, you've got to get your feet wet. You got to find your place. You know? In the beginning, I went after (John) Cena and did the thing with Cena. Then I went after Triple H and Randy Orton. I was beating up a lot of fan favorites at the time. But I was just there to make a name for myself. I didn't want to be one of these superstars that just come and then just disappear.

"Luckily enough, I'm still here. The crowds feelings towards me changed and it's unbelievable to walk out now and (see) Sheamus signs, rather than jars of mayonnaise or Beaker comparisons. Which is funny, too. ... I just got out there and have fun and once the crowd's reacting to me, that's all I care about and they're reacting to me in a positive way. I feed off that, too. It's great, man. Peter, I'm having the time of my life."

You can check out the full interview below:

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