Recently, Hulk Hogan was interviewed by Wrestle Talk TV and discussed, amongst other things, WWE's stranglehold on the wrestling industry and his idea to delay Bobby Roode's title reign. Here are some of the highlights:

On if he delayed Bobby Roode's title run: "That's true. Because he was... this is just my opinion and this is just a gut feeling -- trying to look at the company and what was best for the company. I sat home and I saw his parents telling the world what a good boy he was and his wife telling the world how great of a husband he was and his kids telling the world how great of a dad he was. He's the ultimate good guy and all of a sudden, he's going to win the belt. And then what?

"Who's he going to wrestle? Plain, white, milk toast. And I sat back and I watched it and I went, 'Oh, my God. You guys have accidentally done one of the best old school angles I've ever seen.' Let's let his parents and everybody say how great he is and then turn him heel. You've got the perfect set up. Family, mother, grandfather, kids, police men -- everybody saying how great he is... Turn him heel, give him that edge and then he'll have everybody to work with. I mean, it just made sense."

On WWE and whether or not it's a monopoly: "Well, I think of the WWE [as more] than just wrestling. I think of them as being competitive with the NFL, and with hockey and with major league baseball and with HBO and with the Super Bowl. So, if it's a monopoly, they're running against some big players.

"I mean, first of all, I have to get back to the dance because the WWE isn't wrestling to me anymore. So, it's just an entertainment company. I mean, Ted Turner has an entertainment company. So, I don't really think their a monopoly in the entertainment world.

"If we're [talking about just wrestling], they definitely have the big game going while they use wrestling as a back drop. ... Getting back to the original question; if we're talking about wrestling -- because the universe is so big with satellite TV and social media and the different choices -- I think there's more food on the table than ever."

You can check out the entire interview below:

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Part 2:

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