Elimination Chamber: World Heavweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

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Barrett positioned Bryan's head in-between the pod and it's door, and slams it into his head. Barrett attempts to pin Bryan but he kicks out. Barrett then sets his sights on Santino and rams him into the chamber wall multiple times.

Bryan attacks Barrett with a knee to the face from the top rope, but Barrett didn't stay down for long. Bryan goes up top once again, but Barrett follows him and attempts Wasteland from the top rope. The hold is broken by Santino, who goes for a superplex on Barrett (which he counters). Barrett attempts an elbow from the top rope, but Santino moves out of the way and Wade goes crashing to the mat.

Daniel Bryan hits Wade with a flying headbutt from the top rope. Following Bryan's move, Santino pins Barrett. Santino eliminates Wade Barrett

The crowd goes wild for Santino, but Bryan takes control of the match. Bryan goes for a dropkick to Santino in the corner, but Santino ducks out of the way and rolls up Bryan with a pin attempt. Bryan kicks out. Bryan suplexes Santino and goes up top and attempts a diving headbutt. Santino rolls out of the way.

Santino then pulls out the Cobra, and successfully hits Daniel Bryan with it. Santino pins Bryan, but he kicks out once again. Bryan applies the Lebell Lock to Santino, he tries to fight out of it, but ends up tapping out. Daniel Bryan eliminates Santino

Your winner, and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Post-match Daniel Bryan's celebration of his win was interrupted by Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. Daniel Bryan attempted to attack Sheamus, but Sheamus hits Bryan with his new finisher (formerly Finlay's Celtic Cross).

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