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World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Big Show vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs The Great Khali vs Santino Marella

Big Show starts to dominate Barrett early on until Barrett attacks Show at the knee and knocks him off his feet.

Barrett takes control of the match, slamming Show's head into the side of the chamber. The competitors move back into the ring and Barrett works over Show's legs. Show kicks Barrett to the outside of the cage, and then suplexes him back into the ring as he continued to dominate Barrett.

The countdown stars for the next participant to enter the match. Big Show immediately forgets Wade Barrett and stared down Daniel Bryan, hoping he would enter next. The entrant turned out to be Cody Rhodes.

Cody, hesitant to enter the match, unsuccessfully tries to wage an assault on Big Show. Show easily throws Cody to the outside of the ring, making him crash to the steel floor of the chamber.

Show then attempts to chokeslam Barrett, but he counters and continues his earlier assault on Big Show's left leg. Big Show fights out of the hold, but is double-teamed by Barrett and Rhodes. Barrett and Rhodes started to work together until Barrett started to repeatedly slam Cody into the chamber wall.

Santino entered the match next and goes into his signature offense on Wade Barrett. Santino turns around to pump himself up, but turns back around and is greeted by Big Show. Show flings Santino around until Cody Rhodes attacks Big Show's leg.

Show regains control and attempts a double chokeslam on Barrett and Rhodes. They counter their advance and hit Big Show with a double superplex to the chamber floor. Barrett and Rhodes battle each other, and Rhodes performs a moonsault from the top rope to a standing Wade Barrett.

Cody then sets his sights on Santino, using the cage to attack his right hand. The Great Khali entered the match next. Khali dominates Barrett, Rhodes and Santino. Big Show makes it to his feet and spears Khali. He then pins him. Big Show eliminates The Great Khali

With all of the competitors down, Big Show then sets his sights on Daniel Bryan, who is still in his pod. Show breaks through the top of Bryan's pod, climbs into it, and starts to maul Bryan.

Seconds later, Bryan officially enters the match. the ref unlocks the pod and Bryan runs out. Show runs after him and throws him through the glass back into the pod. The match moves to the ring, and Show maintains his momentum. Show chokeslams Daniel Bryan, but before he can pin him he is attacked by Wade Barrett.

Cody Rhodes then hits Show with two Beautiful Disaster Kicks, and Barrett hits show with an elbow from the top rope. Cody then pins Big Show. Cody Rhodes eliminates Big Show

While Cody celebrated eliminating Big Show, Santino rolled him up with a pin attempt. Santino eliminates Cody Rhodes

Following his elimination, Cody hits Santino with the Cross Rhodes and then leaves the ring. Barrett pins Santino, but Santino kicks out. Barrett starts his assault on Santino, and ends up locking his arms to the side of the chamber.

Bryan and Barrett start to fight each other, with Bryan trying to lock in the LeBell Lock. Bryan is unsuccessful as Barrett counters and takes control of the match. Barrett then powerbombs Bryan to the side of the chamber wall.

Barrett positioned Bryan's head in-between the pod and it's door, and slams it into his head. Barrett attempts to pin Bryan but he kicks out. Barrett then sets his sights on Santino and rams him into the chamber wall multiple times.

Bryan attacks Barrett with a knee to the face from the top rope, but Barrett didn't stay down for long. Bryan goes up top once again, but Barrett follows him and attempts Wasteland from the top rope. The hold is broken by Santino, who goes for a superplex on Barrett (which he counters). Barrett attempts an elbow from the top rope, but Santino moves out of the way and Wade goes crashing to the mat.

Daniel Bryan hits Wade with a flying headbutt from the top rope. Following Bryan's move, Santino pins Barrett. Santino eliminates Wade Barrett

The crowd goes wild for Santino, but Bryan takes control of the match. Bryan goes for a dropkick to Santino in the corner, but Santino ducks out of the way and rolls up Bryan with a pin attempt. Bryan kicks out. Bryan suplexes Santino and goes up top and attempts a diving headbutt. Santino rolls out of the way.

Santino then pulls out the Cobra, and successfully hits Daniel Bryan with it. Santino pins Bryan, but he kicks out once again. Bryan applies the Lebell Lock to Santino, he tries to fight out of it, but ends up tapping out. Daniel Bryan eliminates Santino

Your winner, and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Post-match Daniel Bryan's celebration of his win was interrupted by Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. Daniel Bryan attempted to attack Sheamus, but Sheamus hits Bryan with his new finisher (formerly Finlay's Celtic Cross).

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