Harry Smith Talks Not Joining Legacy, Future Of Tag Teams In WWE, His WWE Departure & More

Harry Smith Talks Not Joining Legacy, Future Of Tag Teams In WWE, His WWE Departure & More
Harry Smith recently spoke with Raj Giri of WrestlingINC.com about his start in the business, his WWE run and departure, wrestling for Resistance Pro, Ring Ka King and much more. Here is part one of the interview, make sure to check back tomorrow for part two where Smith discusses his Resistance Pro tenure, Natalya's current gimmick, MMA training, possibly going to TNA and much more.

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WrestlingINC.com: You made your actual WWE debut back in 1996, right?

Smith: I did do a match in October of 1996. I believe it was at a WWE house show in front of a live crowd to start off the show, but not an actual TV show. [Not a] TV debut, but yeah, that is true.

WrestlingINC.com: How old were you at that time?

Smith: I think it was in '96, so I was 10 or 11... I think I had just turned 11. So that's pretty crazy. [laughs]

WrestlingINC.com: Growing up around the business, was this something you always knew you wanted to do?

Smith: Oh yeah, certainly. I followed wrestling for as along as I can remember. Whatever wrestling it was, I would be interested in watching it. That was always the goal, to make that a career. With my family involved and everything, I guess that just sort of came naturally. But yeah, that was always sort of the goal.

WrestlingINC.com: Early in your career you teamed with your father, how was that experience?

Smith: Yeah, we teamed in May of 2002, it was right before he passed away and another time we teamed up in the year 2000 for one show up in Calgary. That was great, I was glad I got a chance to do that. He was part of… not only my father, but one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all times with Dynamite Kid. It's too bad we couldn't do more of that, but I'm glad I got to get in what I could.

WrestlingINC.com: Is he the one that mostly trained you when you were growing up?

Smith: No, well... you know, he was always busy traveling with a full time schedule with WWE, which before was totally insane. My schedule now is nothing like compared with those guys flying all over the place and doing two or three shows a day and stuff like that. So you know, he was always busy traveling, I did the majority of my training with my Uncle Bruce and my Uncle Ross. When my dad was in town and when it would work out, we would do work out sessions and he would watch a match of mine and critique it. So they did the majority and when I got a little older, about 17 or so, I started training with Tokyo Joe and he was a Japanese coach up in Calgary and he wound up being a scout for New Japan Pro Wrestling. When I was about 17 or so, I started training with him and it was a lot more conditioning stuff and a lot more… it was some pretty brutal training that he put us through, but he was just an awesome, awesome coach and I'm glad I got to train with him as well.

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