Source: recently spoke with Trish Stratus about her new movie, yoga and her wrestling career. Here are some highlights:

Her feud with Mickie James: "The Mickie James feud was probably the pinnacle of women's wrestling, I think people at that point saw us as a legitimate part of the roster, the women's division was the same as any other division in the company. We built it to the point where we were able to have a long story-line that went on-and-on that concluded with a match at WrestleMania and we really had the crowd invested in our story-line."

Working with The McMahons': "Vince is amazing, he is a great man and I can truly say that the reason I was probably so keen in the business is because I was given the privilege of working side-by-side with him. I was new to the company and four days a week I would be side-by-side with Vince so I really got to look into his mindset and saw the way he worked and saw what a perfectionist he was and what a performer he was and I tried to just soak it all in.

"I also worked really closely with Stephanie McMahon and I couldn't produce anything thing more than excellence when I was performing with her and having Vince there at ringside, I think it just elevated my game and allowed me to become a great performer.

"I learnt a lot from Vince and he is a really good friend of mine to this day and a mentor as a businessman. Since I've left wrestling I look back at a lot of the stuff he's done and I think I've adapted some of his philosophies in what I've done, running my own Yoga studio and programs."

The current state of women's wrestling in WWE: "I think it is definitely lacking the dedication from the writers and the production team that we had during my time with the company. It's no fault of the girls, the girls are amazingly talented right now, there is a bunch of girls that are just waiting to break through and they really have the look and they have the talent which is obviously what it took to change the women's division from not just being having to look good in the ring but also being able to kick some butt in the ring.

"The girls all have that but what I think is missing is the story-line development, the way we got approached back in the day was just like the way The Rock and Stone Cold would get approached. Someone would come to us and say, 'here's two characters, here's a story-line and here's where it's going to go, lets work towards a PPV match'.

"Unfortunately nowadays that's what is missing, there's no real defining characters, there's no real outside story-lines that really create the moment because the fans can only become invested in a match when there has been a story-line they have invested their time in."

If Kharma can change the women's division: "Oh my god absolutely, this woman makes me excited about women's wrestling every time I see her. When she first debuted I remember just going, 'Oh my god, this is so exciting', and the fans were the same way, it was something fresh and something new and I know the WWE are really excited about her as a character.

"It was a great surprise to see here coming back during the Royal Rumble match which is a male dominated match so it was really cool to see her make an appearances. That alone sets her up for some great matches and it will be really exciting again for the women's division if she comes back and picks up from where she left off."

If she would wrestle Beth Phoenix at WrestleMania: "Beth was saying that she was the most dominant champion, so I thought I would just let her know that title is already taken. As for a match between Beth and myself at WrestleMania that is an excellent proposition and I think the fans would love that. I've actually had the opportunity to tangle up with Beth Phoenix a couple of times and I think that she is amazing in the ring and I would love to kick her ass actually."

If she would consider going back to the WWE or TNA on a full time basis: "I always keep the door open, if I'm presented an amazing opportunity and something where I feel I can create a great moment and a memorable moment for the fans then absolutely I would pursue it.

"I returned to action last year at WrestleMania and was a part of the latest series of Tough Enough as a trainer alongside Booker T and Steve Austin. If I was given the opportunity to create another great opportunity at WrestleMania and definitely yes."

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