Jim Ross is back with his latest blog, which once again is a must read. Here are some highlights:

Phoenix vs. Snuka at the PPV: "Thought the Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka bout was one of the better Diva bouts that I've seen in a while. Beth is positioned well as WWE Divas Champion while no Diva that I can recall has improved more rapidly than Tamina. We get lots of emails regarding a potential Beth vs. Kharma bout. I hope that one happens."

Santino Marella's performance in the Chamber: "Santino Marella seemed to be the standout at the end of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match while watching from my La-Z-Boy. Santino is entertaining and has been around long enough that he has developed a following as evidenced by the reaction that he received from the live audience in Milwaukee. I'll be anxious to see how Santino's role on the PPV will be addressed on Smackdown.

"I still vividly remember calling Santino's Intercontinental Title victory a few years ago in Milan, Italy that I promptly dubbed the 'Milan Miracle.' The post match celebration at the hotel was also memorable and it was a 'miracle' that I made my plane to London."

If WWE would make a match between CM Punk and Chris Brown: "I'd suggest that would be a classic, Gorilla Monsoon reply of 'HIGHLY UNLIKELY.' Chris Brown couldn't be melted and poured on the WWE Champion plus I've never heard of Brown physically engaging any male."

Much more is contained in his blog, you can read the full entry by clicking here.

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