Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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We come back to Raw and the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan comes out to more heat than he normally gets for his match. Daniel Bryan says people all over the world consider him a role model because of his accomplishments. He says "Yes" a lot, and Santino comes out to a big pop.

Daniel Bryan vs Santino Marella

Santino quickly takes control with some punches, but Bryan catches him with a kick as a huge Santino chant starts. Santino fights back with a Hip Toss, then goes for the Cobra, but Bryan stops him. Bryan goes for a Back Suplex, but Santino reverses and gets a two count. Bryan then locks on the LaBelle Lock and Santino taps out after a little while.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Still to come, the Battle Royal to decide who faces CM Punk at WrestleMania, and John Cena will make another appearance tonight.

Back from the break, Kelly Kelly, Aksana and the Bellas are in the ring for their match.

Aksana and Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella)

Kelly takes control of one of the Bellas, and quickly tags Aksana, who hits some kicks, then a Scoop Slam for a one count. Aksana gets cuahgt in the ropes, and the Bellas switch places. The Illegal one hits a Facebuster for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins.

Still to come, the #1 Contender's Battle Royal to decide who will challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship, but up next, John Cena will address The Rock.

Back from the break, Cena is already in the ring. He says before he was interrupted by the skankapottamus, he was here to talk about The Rock, the guy who's not here like always. He says he can't even call him Rock anymore, because now he's Dwayne. He says he doesn't personally respect The Rock for the movies that he makes, or as a person. Through all the funny comedy stuff, he has a legit beef with Dwayne Johnson. Next week, he'll show up, raise an eyebrow, then kick it back to Hollywood because that's exactly what's going to happy. Cena admits that his movies have sucked, and says there won't be many more, but he's not a movie star, he's a wrestler, and he will always show up, and never leave. Dwayne on the other hand was out of here as soon as he got the taste of Hollywood. Then last here he proclaimed he was never leaving again...and then he left, again. Cena says Vince may fine him for this one, but the only reason he came back was to promote his movie and Twitter. He says he's fighting for every person who's dream it's been to be a WWE Superstar and stay a WWE Superstar. He apologizes to management, but says he's a Professional Wrestler, and he's staying. Cena says the best day will be April 9th, two Monday's after 'Mania when he's here, and The Rock isn't once again. Cena says Rock will have to kill him to beat him, but if not, he's never leaving. Cena finishes with "See you next week, movie star," then leaves the ring. We go to commercial.

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