Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Back from the break, CM Punk comes out, and he's wearing his freakin' blazer over his ring gear. He's going to be doing a little commentary. The participants make their way out as Punk rips Cole on commentary.

10-Man Battle Royal: Big Show vs Cody Rhodes vs R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler vs Wade Barrett vs The Great Khali vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Santino vs Chris Jericho

All the men start whaling on each other. Khali is in control of Show, and Rhodes is in control of Santino. Ziggler and Barrett try to eliminate Kofi, but he fights out. Ever man in the match then attempt to eliminate Khali and he's eliminated. YES! YES! YES! We go to commercial

We are back, and Punk's commentary is still great. Santino is on the verge of getting eliminated, as is Kofi, but Kofi and Miz both end up on the arpon. Kofi makes his way back into the ring. Cody and Dolph both barely hang on as well on opposite sides of the ring. No one gets eliminated though. Rhodes and Barrett try to eliminate Big Show, but he fights them off. Big Show tortures Ziggler here as Miz almost gets eliminated, but he hangs on, and impressively gets back in the ring, then hangs on again, but is met with a Double Dropkick by Truth and Kofi. Show then catches both of them and hits a Double Chokeslam. Jericho then hits a Codebreaker on Show, but Jericho gets hit with the Zig Zag by Ziggler. Ziggler then gets hit with the Cross Rhodes by Rhodes, then Rhodes gets hit with the Winds of Change by Barrett. Santino then eliminates Barrett and Truth in succession before getting caught by Ziggler. Ziggler then gets eliminated by Big Show. Everyone tries to fight Big Show now, but he pushes everyone away. They once again gang on Big Show. Kofi gets caught springboarding by Jericho and gets pushed off to get eliminated. Cole mistakenly says Kofi Rhodes and Punk makes fun of him.

The doctors bring out the stretcher ouside the ring, and the announcers think Barrett may have a broken arm. The three men that aren't Big Show decide to try to eliminate him, but he takes them all down. Cody hits the Disaster Kick, followed by a Lionsault on Show by Jericho. Santino then hits a Headbutt on Show, but he gets caught by Jericho, who throws him over the ropes, but Santino skins the cat, then hits the Cobra on Jericho. Cody then eliminates Santino, and he is the only one standing. Cody and Jericho are trying to Suplex Show, but he Suplexes them both, then throws Cody out. Cody distracts Show, and Show lifts him up on the apron, and throws him back off. Show goes to Chokeslam Jericho out, but Jericho hangs on like Benoit at Royal Rumble 2004, and Cody helps to eliminate Big Show.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Punk and Jericho stare at each other as we replay the finish. They meet eye to eye in the ring, and medics are still attending to Barrett. That's legit. He walks away on his own power, but his arm's messed up. Punk offers to shake Jericho's hands, but Jericho walks off. We close the show with Punk taunting Jericho. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Follow us on Twitter by clicking the "Follow" button below:

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