Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross is back with his latest blog. As always, the blog is a must-read, here are some highlights:

Undertaker receiving "What" chants: "The minority of fans who were verbally disrespectful of Undertaker with annoying 'What' chants, etc aren't really wrestling fans. They are insecure, attention starved, defiant individuals seeking recognition. So, they have now been recognized and I'm embarrassed for them."

Sheamus beating Mark Henry on RAW: "Sheamus victory over Mark Henry was bigger than many may have perceived when he pinned World's Strongest Man. If Sheamus doesn't leave WM28 as the new, World Heavyweight Champion, I will be surprised."

Santino Marella losing to Daniel Bryan on RAW: "After his stellar performance Sunday night in the Elimination Chamber, Santino losing so quickly to WHC Daniel Bryan shocked me."

John Cena's promo on RAW: "John Cena delivered the best promo of his career in my opinion when addressing the Rock and their long awaited WM28 main event. Cena spoke from the heart and I'm certain meant every word that he said. Cena's words stepped away from the world of entertainment and squarely into reality or so it seemed to me."

Rock On RAW next week: "Rock's 'rebuttal' next week on Raw in Portland will be must see TV. The Rock/Cena issue has gotten personal as Cena touched some legit nerves with his remarks in Minneapolis."

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, including his thoughts on C.M. Punk's commentary, Triple H vs. The Undertaker, Chris Jericho vs. Punk and much more. You can check it out by clicking here.

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