Harry Smith Talks MMA Training, Natalya's Gimmick, Resistance Pro, If TNA Is An Option & More

Smith: Yeah, we talked. He invited me to his MMA school in Denver and told me that if I ever wanted to, when the time is ready and I feel right, he would hook me up with [MMA gym] American Top Team down in Coconut Creek, which is about four or five hours from where I lived down in Tampa. He was really cool, we hung out backstage and we talked about MMA and everything like that. I enjoyed the tag team match we did. I don't know when I'll be going back to IGF, but hopefully I can work with Bobby some more. [He's a] Real good guy. Strong too… oh my gosh!

WrestlingINC.com: You are now a part of TNA's Ring Ka King promotion in India, and it's already doing well. The ratings were really high for the debut episode. What is it like being part a of it?

Smith: Yeah, Ring Ka King is great. They put a lot of money into the production and the studio they have down there in Pune. I think it will be great. What I was told is that more people will be seeing me on these Ring Ka King shows than probably ever before because of India's population. That's just crazy because people recognize me all the time and see me on TV in the United States and all over the world, but just in India alone I mean it's crazy.

I like India in general, the people were very, very friendly. It's a great country and I've made some good friends. Unfortunately my last trip there I got a stomach infection that kind of took me out of commission for about three days. Other than that it was awesome.

WrestlingINC.com: You're a tag champion there [in Ring Ka King] with Chavo Guererro and you are also now the first heavyweight champion of Resistance Pro, the promotion run by [Smashing Pumpkins frontman] Billy Corgan. How is it working with Corgan?

Smith: I believe he has his fingers dabbled in it pretty good. The first show he missed unfortunately, because he was overseas touring. The second show he was there and Raven was the head agent, so he was really busy at that show. He would come talk to us a little bit directly, and then Raven would help to put together the show and figure out what time it would end and everything like that.

Billy is a great guy, he loves wrestling. I've known him for quite a few years and he always goes to the WrestleMania's. I got to go see him live in Tampa one year with my cousin Nattie, who he's good friends with, and got to hang out with him backstage. He's a great guy.

WrestlingINC.com: What are your thoughts on Resistance Pro and how it compares with other independent promotions?

Smith: I think it's good. They have a whole bunch of young talent. Like my cousin Teddy Hart was on the first show. Kevin Steen, Petey Williams, Davey Richards is on this last show, he is a hell of a talent. I think there is a lot of good talent there. Billy's got a great mind for… I mean he's a genius when it comes to music and he understands wrestling really good, so I think that with more shows to come it's going to be a really good project.

WrestlingINC.com: You are using the name Brakkus there, is that based on the guy in the 90's who… like they built him up a little bit in the WWE but he never debuted, well he might of debuted for a couple of matches, but is the name based on that wrestler? Or is it something you came up with?

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