Harry Smith Talks MMA Training, Natalya's Gimmick, Resistance Pro, If TNA Is An Option & More

Smith: It's a complete tribute to that wrestler [laughs]. No, I'm just kidding. No, a lot of people think that, but actually what it is… did you ever see that movie The Best of The Best 2? It's a martial arts movie and there's this big German guy with kind of brown-blonde hair and his name is Brakkus and he neck cranks everybody. So at Batista's school, Josh Rafferty and a few of the guys started nicknaming me Brakkus because of that movie. We would joke around about how I would be coming into fights and wrestling shows by landing on the top of a building with a helicopter like Brakkus does in The Best of the Best. So it was just kind of a joke at first, and then all of a sudden everybody at Batista's school started calling me Brakkus. I kinda changed my Twitter name to Brakkus just to generate some interest, to see where it goes and see if it sticks and if not, just call me Harry.

Once you leave WWE you have to keep the fans on Twitter and stuff like that interested. So they say, "ohhhhh, Harry changed his name to Brakkus," or "ohhhhh, what's he doing now," and they research. Just to try to do something.

WrestlingINC.com: Doing Ring Ka King, you're kind of affiliated with TNA. Could you see yourself joining TNA?

Smith: Yes, I mean... I think I could, it would just depend on what direction they would want to go. It would depend on their contract, because when you sign WWE contracts you are basically screwed. I mean, I couldn't do anything outside. So it would just be… could I still go over to Japan and do a tour here and there? What kind of promotions can and can't I work for? There would be a lot of questioning, curiosity on that behalf on what the contract would consist of what they would let you do, what they wouldn't let you do. There would be a number of things, but I would give it a try. Jeff [Jarrett] has been great with me in Ring Ka King, he was friends with my dad, really good friends with my Uncle Lowell. It isn't out of the question, it could happen.

WrestlingINC.com: Has there been any movement in that direction?

Smith: No. I mean Jeff was cool, we just talked and [he said] I'll see you next tour. He didn't say anything… it was more like, "I don't understand why you aren't still in WWE or what happened, you're a hell of a talent, we'll see you next tour, we're glad to have you," just that kind of thing. Nothing in that, no contract offers.

WrestlingINC.com: I know you said you're not really following WWE right now. One thing that's been really ticking off a lot of people on WrestlingINC has been this angle that they are doing with Natalya, are you familiar with that at all?

Smith: Yeah, someone texted me and told me about it recently. I mean, yeah… That's crazy. Whatever. That's the company. It's kind of sh-tty thing, pardon my language. But when you sign up and they wanted me to do something… it's like... You're under contract for them, so you gotta do what they. But what can you say? Whatever... I don't understand how that's going to make Nattie any money or how that's going to make the company any money, but whatever.

WrestlingINC.com: Thanks for your time Harry, and best of luck in the future.

Smith: Thanks a lot, I enjoyed it.

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