WWE Smackdown! Results: WrestleMania Begins To Take Shape

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WWE Smackdown! Results: WrestleMania Begins To Take Shape
The show begins with Daniel Bryan coming down to the ring to a negative response from the crowd in attendance. Bryan says that he's been telling everyone that he would main event WrestleMania 28 and that no one believed him. Daniel states that while Santino tries his best to be like Rocky Balboa, he is in fact the real role model because he was the last man standing on Sunday. Bryan then says that Sheamus ruined his moment on Sunday, but he'll ruin Sheamus' moment at WrestleMania when he wins their championship match. He then goes on to say that he will also beat C.M. Punk tonight in the main event. All of a sudden, The Miz' music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Bryan asks what The Miz wants and The Miz states that Bryan became champion because he trained him since the beginning and he wants to congratulate him. The Miz then says that he should take his skills and beat Sheamus and that he and Bryan should think about forming a tag team before Sheamus' music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus says that he wants to congratulate Bryan for being a hypocrite and an ass, claiming that Bryan would rather hide behind AJ than fight like a man. Sheamus then says that no one will congratulate Bryan at WrestleMania because Sheamus will defeat him. Suddenly, The Miz begins to speak, but Sheamus says that he should let the people with WrestleMania matches talk just before Bryan sucker punches him. The Miz tries to take advantage, only to be over-powered by Sheamus, who nails him with a shot while Daniel heads to the back with AJ in toe.

The Miz vs. Sheamus

During the break, Teddy Long was said to have made Sheamus vs. The Miz the opening bout and we are already underway. We then view Sheamus putting The Miz in between the ropes and pounding him in the chest. After the onslaught, Miz falls to the floor but is immediately brought back in by "The Great White." Back in the ring, Sheamus blasts The Miz with a flying shoulder tackle before picking up the pace even further and delivering a clothesline.

Just then, Miz is sent into the corner and Sheamus is looking to land something in the corner. However, The Miz moves out of the way and Sheamus goes into the post. The Miz then begins to work on the injured arm, before kicking Sheamus in the face. The Miz then heads to the top and lands a double axe handle. However, The Miz begins to get out-fought with Sheamus landing some counter strikes then a clothesline. Sheamus then hits a backbreaker, only to receive a two count. The Miz, however, battles back and when he's able, seems prone to strike with the Skull Crushing Finale. However, Sheamus tosses The Miz over, avoids a pinfall attempt and manages to delivers his new finishing move for the victory.

Winner: Sheamus

In Teddy Long's office, Aksana and Teddy Long are seen flirting with one another. Teddy says that Aksana looks beautiful for Super Smackdown! Aksana says that she dressed up just for him and that she wants him to be the general manager of Smackdown! and Raw. Aksana then says that Teddy should remember that on top of every man is a good woman. Teddy then says he knows exactly what she means, only to be barged in on by John Laurinaitis and David Otunga.

John asks Teddy how unprofessional he can be and says that this is exactly why he should be the permanent general manager of Raw and Smackdown! Teddy says that he hopes John and Otunga find Smackdown! to be comfortable and that he has a special place for them tonight. He then tells them that they will have an office in the Men's room of the building. Otunga then says that Teddy's office should be in the dumpster, because Otunga says that after he beats Ezekiel Jackson tonight, Teddy will be down in the dumps again. Teddy says that they'll have to see about that, but for now, Otunga and John need to remember to flush. John and Otunga then leave.

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