WWE Smackdown! Results: WrestleMania Begins To Take Shape

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Just then, Cody Rhodes comes out and says that The Big Show is choke slamming someone, so it must not be WrestleMania. He then says that he's going to show a clip of The Big Show making an ass of himself, when he competed in a sumo match, taking on Akebono Taro. The Big Show then turns around and is scoop slammed by Henry who then hits a splash for the nearfall. Henry begins to complain to the referee, only to turn around into a WMD. Show then leaves the ring and begins to chase Cody Rhodes.

Winner: Mark Henry (via count out)

A video package is shown, highlighing Triple H and The Undertaker's encounter on Raw.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. David Otunga

Teddy Long comes out, leading Ezekiel Jackson while John Laurinaitis acompanies David Otunga. Soon into the match, Otunga gains the advantage and clubs away at Jackson before shoving him to the canvas. However, Big Zeke counters Otunga's attack and whips him into the ropes by the throat, only to knock him down with a shoulder tackle. Jackson then shoves Otunga into the corner and lands shot after shot, knocking him down to the mat. Jackson then whips Otunga into the opposite corners and follows him in for a big splash before hitting a sidewalk slam.

Jackson then gets Otunga up on his shoulders for the Torture Rack. However, Otunga grabs the ropes and lands on the ring apron. Otunga then grabs Jackson's neck and wanking his neck into the ropes. Otunga then sneaks into the ring and lands a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: David Otunga

C.M. Punk is in the backstage area, being interviewed by Matt Striker. Punk says that he's happy to be on Smackdown! where he actually respects the general manager. Punk states that he would vote for Long being the GM of both shows so that Laurinaitis can go work his second job at Men's Warehouse. Punk then says that he'll address Chris Jericho and his Light Bright jacket on next week's Raw. Finally, he thinks that Daniel Bryan's World championship has gone to his head. Punk says that he thought he was a radical when he came out on Smackdown! and promoted his straight edge lifestyle. However, Bryan has upped the ante by not owning a television set and saying he doesn't eat meat. Regardless, Bryan is champion because he knows how to win. Tonight, Punk says that he will teach Bryan how to lose.

Daniel Bryan vs. C.M. Punk

Bryan starts out the action by sweeping Punk's legs out from under him and slapping on a headlock. However, Punk reverses the hold and lands a shoulder block before they both go for several pinfall attempts. (Commercial break.)

As we come back, we see C.M. Punk landing a knee to the ribcage of Bryan. Soon after, Bryan whips Punk across the ring. Punk looks to land a springboard crossbody but Bryan avoids the impact, forcing to Punk to crash and burn. Punk seems to have injured his arm, leading Bryan to attack the injured limb. After Punk tries to break free of an armbar that Bryan applied, Daniel simply goes for a suplex, nailing it perfectly. After failing to get anything going for a while, Punk finally lands a move, sticking the backbreaker.

Bryan looks to land something in return, however, Punk avoids the strike and attempts the Go To Sleep. Bryan, however, counters and looks to sink in the LeBell Lock. Punk wiggles free and Bryan slides to the outside to avoid a counter attack. Bryan begins to head towards the back, but Sheamus makes his way to ringside and throws Bryan back into the ring, giving Punk the chance to strike with a spinning kick, getting the win. However, John Laurinaitis comes to the ring and says that the match will restart due to the interference of Sheamus as he sits at ringside. (Commercial break.)

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