WWE Smackdown! Results: WrestleMania Begins To Take Shape

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Almost right after we are back from commercial break, Bryan rolls Punk up, holds the ropes and gets the win. Just then, Teddy Long comes down and restarts the match himself. Both John and Teddy begin to argue but Teddy says it's his show. The rematch begins once again and Punk and Bryan begin to attack one another. Punk tosses Bryan to the ringside area and lands a Suicide Dive. He tosses Bryan back into the ring and hits a top rope clothesline, only to receive a two count.

Bryan gets up in the corner and Punk runs into the corner and lands a flying knee. However, when he's going for the Bulldog, Punk is countered by Bryan forcing his arm into the canvas. Bryan then sets Punk up in the corner and goes for a Hurricanrana but Punk rolls though and nearly gets the win. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock, but C.M. Punk shoots Bryan into the turnbuckles. Punk goes for the pin, but Bryan gets his foot on the bottom rope. Punk then sets Bryan up in the middle of the ring and goes up top. However, Bryan gets up in time and hits the ropes to send Punk down hard, crotching him in the process. Punk tries to fight off the Superplex attempt, but Bryan goes for his second attempt and nails it.

Both seem to have their shoulders down and both seem to be going for pins while the referee counts to three. John and Teddy get into the ring, with John believing that Bryan won and Teddy believing that Punk got the win. John and Teddy begin to shout at one another, then throw their jackets at one another. An angry Teddy then leaves the ring and Smackdown! goes off the air.

Winner: No contest

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