WWE champion C.M. Punk was interviewed recently in Milwaukee on Kramp & Adler and discussed a number of topics leading up to last Sunday's Elimination Chamber. One of the more interesting moments was when Punk was asked about wrestling in Milwaukee for the very first time.

"I remember it well. I actually started pretty regularly. The whole C.M. Punk character -- the whole staight edge bad guy -- came from working for Carmine Despierto's Mid-American Wrestling. I wrestled once a month at Knights Of Columbus," Punk stated. "A lot of fantastic memories. If anybody is listening that went to those shows, I think they could tell you how absolutely wild and crazy and lawless it was. Because I was in a room or a building or whatever you want to call it with 400 stinking, drunk people and the stuff -- I mean -- it was insane.

"It got pretty crazy. No guardrails. ... [I never took] showers after the Knights shows, either. I'd have to drive home covered in beer," said Punk.

Also, Punk discussed how he's stopped drinking Pepsi, shaving his trademark facial hair and more. Click here for the entire interview.

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