Source: PWInsider

George Barrios and WWE CEO Vince McMahon hosted an earnings conference call this morning. Here are some highlights:

Television: Superstars and NXT are lost revenue sources, even though they said that there is such "huge demand" for them. Tough Enough was very successful (nothing was said about a second season) and they are now developing Legends House and the new shows on YouTube. Page views were down 22%.

WWE Network: No specific date was given for the launch, other than it would be this year. They are "bullish" on the network and want to make sure everything is right before they launch. It was noted that monetization will be better for it than other stars ups that they have done because they already own all the content that will be on the network. Vince McMahon noted that you don't want to start a network without a strong partner. $4 million has been budgeted for the project and most of that went to workers, some of whom have come in from the cable industry.

WWE Films: The company isn't ending the division, and they have new leadership and a different approach that they feel will work. They do have a specific time (which wasn't specified) to pull the plug if the division isn't working out, but they don't think it will get to that point. Vince said that they are in a better position than any studio to deliver product, and they will spend 15 to 25 million dollars on films this year for 4-8 films, many of which won't be released this year.

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