Intro package runs. Matt Striker is in the ring and he welcomes us to the show. He wants to talk about the past few weeks, but he is interrupted by Curt Hawkins' and Tyler Reks' music. They want him to apologize for screwing them and making a joke of the show. They approach the ring, stalking Striker, and Tyson Kidd's music hits. He says Hawkins and Reks should apologize for wasting everybody's time. He says the fans want to see high energy offense, and that Hawkins and Reks only want to main event, but can't even do that right. They say they are the future of WWE. Kidd says he already beat Hawkins and that he will do the same to Reks' "all show, no go muscles." Striker agrees, and we have a match.

Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Reks

Kidd gets some early offense; Regal says he is a student of the game. Reks gets the upper-hand; Regal says Kidd has been working on a modified Sharpshooter with Bret Hart. Reks works on Kidd's left arm. Kidd speeds things up by spring-boarding off the top rope and flipping to free himself; Reks rolls outside. Kidd follows, then notices he is out-numbered and wisely rolls back in the ring. The ref bans Hawkins—cane in hand—from ringside. As they protest on the outside, Kidd flies through the second rope cross-bodies them both, and rolls to his feet like a cat. He celebrates at ringside.


Back in the ring, Kidd is stomping Reks in the corner. Regal says we missed some good offense from Kidd during the break and that it is a "shame." Reks gets the upper-hand; he lifts Kidd like a vertical suplex, and drops him, stomach first, on the top-rope. Reks gets a couple of near-falls. He keeps dropping knees and kicks to the groin of a laid-out Kidd. Kidd gets back to a vertical base, Reks catches Kidd's foot and Kidd spinning-back kicks him. Kidd, standing on the apron, flips Reks over his shoulder and onto the floor. Kidd hits a running-knee. Reks is back in the ring; Kidd spring-boards off the top-rope and hits a beautiful double-front drop-kick. Reks kicks out. Reks regains offense and delivers an over-the-head spinning fall-away slam; Kidd kicks out. Reks goes on the second turnbuckle; Kidd delivers a double front-dropkick. Kidd goes for the superplex, Reks counters, Kidd kicks him in the head. Kidd jumps on the top-rope; Reks catches him on his shoulders, and drops him on the top turnbuckle. Kidd kicks-out at two. Reks works on the groin some more. Kidd catches his foot, and rolls-through for a sharpshooter. Reks reaches for the ropes; Kidd pulls him to the center of the ring. Reks taps.

Winner: Tyson Kidd (8:18)

Maxine is backstage telling Derrick Bateman she did not freak-out. Bateman says to work on her therapist's breathing exercises. Maxine says she is going to find Striker, and get off the show. She says Bateman can go hang out with Kaitlyn and her two-tone hair. Bateman says try not to beat up any women. Bateman walks, as the camera follows. He tells himself he likes this show; he runs into Kaitlyn. She asks him how it went with Maxine. He says how did the Bay of Pigs go? Bateman says he's a lover and a fighter. He wants to go to Smackdown, become Intercontinental Champion, hold the championship for 100 years; he's not here for the drama. He wants to have what he and Kaitlyn have: chill, cool, no drama, high-fives, chest-bumps, etc. (Sexual tension pause.) They high-five, and repeat: "as a friend." Bateman walks off; Johnny Curtis appears, and teases Kaitlyn with a rendition of, "…sitting in a tree, c-h-e-a-t-i-n-g." Kaitlyn says she likes his toothpick, and then punches him in the stomach, and walks off.

Josh Matthews informs us that the main-event will be Alex Riley vs. Titus O'Neil. They promote HHH vs. Undertaker. Striker is in his office playing guitar; Kaitlyn walks in. She thinks he is doing a great job with the show. She wants a match with Maxine. Maxine shows-up. She says Kaitlyn in prettier when her mouth is shut. Maxine asks to get off the show, she puts her hand in Kaitlyn's face, they argue. Striker says they will get a chance to settle this next week. He says, in the meantime if Maxine wants off the show, she should try showing some respect. Maxine says Reks and Hawkins were right that he is a joke. She tells Kaitlyn to keep her mouth shut and walks away. Kaitlyn says he is not a joke, high-fives him, thanks him, and leaves. Striker seems to want her to hang-out. They show a video package of the Cena-Eve-Ryder fiasco.

Tyson Kidd is in his locker room, on the phone with Trent Barreta. He wishes him a speedy recovery. Michael McGillicutty shows-up and is complaining that he drove through a blizzard, and he is not even booked on the show. Kidd tells him to relax. McGillicutty says they have been friends since they were kids; he didn't like him then, and he doesn't like him now. He says Kidd wants to be like him and Dibiase and the Usos; WWE is in their blood, he says. Kidd challenges him to a match next week; McGillicutty accepts. The main event is next.

Alex Riley vs. Titus O'Neil

Darren Young has joined the announce booth. Young says he and O'Neil haven't resolved their differences, but they see eye-to-eye; he like O'Neil's bark now. Young says he is "Mr. No Days Off." He is trying to perfect his craft. Young supports O'Neil's new attitude; he says he also gives to charity, but only as a tax write-off. Regal says O'Neil was part of The International Step Show in Florida with Doug E. Fresh; Regal says he doesn't know who that is. Regal rants negatively about charity-work, like Sting (singer) and Bono as Riley throws O'Neil to the outside. O'Neil jumps right up. Back in the ring, A-Ry hits a clothesline; O'Neil goes down. A-Ry attempts a back-flip, is countered and thrown over the top rope. Young gets up and pretends to look concerned for A-Ry. Percy Watson makes his way to ringside. Young and O'Neil slap hands. O'Neil drives A-Ry, face-first, into the announce table a couple of times.


O'Neil and A-Ry are back in the ring. Young asks what Watson is doing on his show. They bicker a bit. O'Neil has the upper-hand on A-Ry. He gets a near-fall, and tells the ref to count faster. Matthews says O'Neil has been successful since his attitude change. Watson says the momentum will shift soon; Regal disagrees. Regal asks Watson if he thinks Watson, himself is aggressive enough. He says he could be more. A-Ry hits some offense; O'Neil bumps around for him. Regal tries to get back to the action. A-Ry starts punching O'Neil in the head on the second turnbuckle; the crowd counts along. After number 7, O'Neil power-bombs him. He puts both feet on the middle rope for leverage, and pins A-Ry. Watson goes in the ring to protest; Young and O'Neil celebrate on the outside.

Winner: Titus O'Neil (5:45)

Striker appears on the Titantron and says they will have a chance to settle all of this next week on the 1 year anniversary of NXT Redemption. He has a huge announcement concerning everybody in the NXT locker room, and it is, "no joke."

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