-- Trish Stratus provided an update to Diva-Dirt on her movie with fellow former WWE Diva, Amy 'Lita' Dumas, that was initially announced in 2010. "We had gotten together about doing a remake of a movie called 'Doctor Doom Versus the Wrestling Women', and it's [one of those] old school lucha [wrestling] films that are very campy," said Stratus. "We've been chatting about that and we've had some interest for us to pursue that... We started talking about it again and it's definitely a project we're interested in doing." You can check out the full article at this link.

-- Sinn Bodhi's Freakshow Wrestling has a show this Saturday in Sun Valley, CA. You can get more details by clicking here.

-- A new episode of MLW Radio featuring the legendary JJ Dillon is now available. In the interview, Dillon talks about how he found out he was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, the legacy of the Four Horsemen, being on the road with Ric Flair, working with Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson behind the scenes in the WWF, bringing Jerry Jarrett to the WWF and more. You can check out the interview on MLW.com and iTunes by searching "MLW RADIO".

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