Jim Ross was discussing wrestling with Boston Celtics announcer Sean Grande during a recent Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Boston Celtics game. During the discussion, Jim Ross discussed the road to WrestleMania, Wade Barrett suffering an injury, the John Cena/The Rock feud and more. Here are the highlights:

On the road to WrestleMania: "It's kind of like March Madness. I think everybody has a heightened sense of awareness. It's crunch time. I always say that every WWE superstar should maximize their minutes. Much like a coach would say to his players in the NBA -- I'm sure (Celtic's coach) Doc Rivers says that to his guys on the bench. These guys and gals got to maximize your minutes. I think we're seeing that on these recent television shows."

On Wade Barrett getting injured and probably missing WrestleMania: "Maybe this is an over-exaggeration but it'd be like one of the (New England) Patriots going down Super Bowl week, in essence. You've gotten through the playoffs - because it looked like Barrett was going to be on the WrestleMania card in some incarnation and now he's not. He's going to miss out on a big payday because of the injury."

On John Cena's promo on Monday night: "I blogged that I thought it was the best promo that John Cena has ever done because it was obvious that he 'went off script.' As they say in the wrestling business, 'He went into business for himself.' But he still told a message that -- I think -- needed to be said. I thought that as far as his TV persona was concerned (that) he did more to enhance the positive elements of his character with that promo than anything that had been done for him or that he had done for himself in quite some time.

"He made the promo very personal. Anybody that has followed wrestling, sports entertainment, whatever you want to call it; pro wrestling has been built on personal issues. Rivalries. I think one thing that brought (me) back into the NBA as a younger man was the Lakers and the Celtics rivalry. It re-engaged me. I had an emotional investment in that rivalry. I had to pick a team.

"So, I think that John Cena has created an emotional investment in this issue with The Rock. It's not just about these two, big stars having this marquee match. It's getting personal and I would assume that on Monday, with a live mic in his hand, knowing him as I do, that The Rock will retaliate with something memorable."

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