Thanks to reader Lawrence Weaver for sending in these results from last night's TNA house show in Upper Marlboro, MD:

TNA always puts out the best fan oriented shows on the circuit. Tonight was no different.

I was not a part of the meet/greet, but there was plenty of wrestler autograph and photo ops all around for us who came to catch the show. Roode, Knockouts, Hebner and even Hardy/Storm. Just a fantastic experience. Anyway, on to the matches:

The opening bout:

Austin Aries beat Alex Shelly by submission using a modified inverted indian deathlock bridge. Great match with alot of spots.

Knockouts match: Angelina Love and Gail Kim vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Smokin' hot women and a good match. Mickie gets the pin via Mick Kick to Angelina. Knockouts is a perfect name for their "divas" because none of them were rough on the eyes....

Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Crimson and Matt Morgan after Crimson "accidentally" hit Morgan, giving Magnus the pinfall over Morgan. Do you smell what the Blueprint's cookin'?

AJ Styles (to big pops from the crowd) lost to Christopher Daniels (with Kazarian). AJ put on a good show with Chris and they both showed great chemistry. I guess the "originals" still know how to get it done. AJ was clearly over with the crowd.

INTERMISSION/INTERMISSION: Swag thrown to the crowd (except us) and Don West was shillin' big time. At one point I told him to "work it". Don worked the crowd all night and was pumping merchandise left and right. Great job Don.

Next match: Robbie E with Robbie T took on Eric Young and ODB in a mixed match. Robbie E and co. controlled the match until they both got a dose of ODB's "liquid courage hulk up" with a boots to groins all around followed up with a flying elbow drop from Eric to seal the victory. The crowd popped to this duo as there was an initial dance- off in the beginning with ODB/Eric/Robbie E at one point jamming to Sir Mix a Lot.....

The grand finale: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the title. Match is flowing until.......Bully Ray hits the ring and attacks Hardy. Disqualification. Double team on Hardy. He's in dire straits until......Here comes James Storm. He cleans house and an announcement is made that the match will continue as a tag match. Yada Yada Yada...James Storm gets the win via Superkick to Roode for the 1, 2, 3. Celebration. House goes nuts.

(Jeff Hardy came out to serious pops and worked the entire rail of fans prior to hitting the ring. Classy).

Good night all, but wait, another photo op with Hardy and Storm. My son is the biggest Hardy fan, and I have to endure it, but it's worth it. thank you again TNA (ahem, Impact) for a fantastic night. Now they are on to Hagerstown, MD for Saturday.

Biggest Pops:

AJ Styles

Biggest Heat:

Robbie E/T

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