The show opens with highlights of last week's TV main event between Charlie Haas and Mark Briscoe that saw Jay Briscoe handcuffed to the ring post, allowing Charlie Haas to take advantage and hit Mark with a chair shot to the head.

The Young Bucks vs. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

Solid back and forth tag team match throughout the early part of the match, including some spots to the outside of the ring. The conclusion of the match saw Alexander miss a top rope attempt, leading to both of the Young Bucks hitting Caprice Coleman with super kicks and ending the match by landing "More Bang for Your Buck" to gain the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Promo featuring Tommaso Ciampa and Embassy Ltd. in which Ciampa continues to get over his undefeated streak and how he plans to defeat Jay Lethal for the Television Championship at the 10th Anniversary show, "Young Wolves Rising."

Out came the Briscoe Brothers to speak with Kevin Kelly. Jay Briscoe speaks about the match that they have with the Young Bucks at "Young Wolves Rising" on March 4th. He says that "DemBoys" will beat "DemLadyboys." Jay follows that up be speaking on their two opponents for Showdown in the Sun, The House of Truth and The World's Greatest Tag Team, and at the end of it he says that somebody will be leaving in a body bag.

ROH World Championship Match: Davey Richards vs. Jay Lethal

In a match that saw the top two singles champions in ROH go at it for the top prize in ROH, there were multiple instances in which different members of the ROH locker room came out to observe the main event. First out was Tommaso Ciampa to get a view of his opponent for the TV Championship at "Young Wolves Rising", Jay Lethal. This led to Kyle O'reilly to come out to give support to Davey Richards. The House of Truth then came out to ringside to watch, followed by Eddie Edwards and Kyle O'reilly. All the individuals who came down to ringside to watch the main event eventually began to brawl with one another. The conclusion of the match saw Jay Lethal hit an elbow drop on Richards, which Richards kicked out of. Lethal prepared to attempt the Lethal Injection but was prevented from hitting the move when Adam Cole was thrown into Lethal by Michael Elgin of the House of Truth, leading to Davey hitting Lethal with a roundhouse kick for the victory.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Davey Richards

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