-- SPEED TV interviewed John Cena earlier today. Cena talked about waving the green flag at today's Daytona 500, facing the Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII and more, you can check out the video by clicking here.

-- Speaking of Cena, he is scheduled to be in Portland, OR tomorrow night for RAW. We are looking for correspondents for the show, so if you are attending it, please contact us by clicking here.

-- Rick Rockwell recently caught up with Mike Tyson and asked him if Steve Austin would be inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. "I loved working with Austin, it would be an honor if he inducted me," said Tyson. "Still waiting for WWE to confirm it to me." You can check out more from Tyson by clicking here.

-- Speaking of Tyson, SFGate.com has an interview with Tyson and he was asked if he ever did the crotch chop during his stint with D-X. "Oh, I'm gonna hit a crotch chop wherever I go, that's my style!," said Tyson. "You guys know I hit a crotch chop!" The full interview is at this link.

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