WWE RAW Results - What Did The Rock Have To Say? Sound Off With Your Thoughts

The crowd starts chanting that now. The Rock says last week, Cena said something that hit him hard, Cena said that come April 1, Cena was going to fight for all the people who love to be a professional wrestler. Rock says he grew up in this business, and he was always taught that no one would fight for him. That's how they learned and got better. Rock says when he would come out as a "Babyface," people would boo him just like Cena, but no one fought for him. He says it's fine if Cena fights for the boys in the back, but while Cena fights for them, Rock fights for the people. He says he's fighting for the people who are sick and tired of Cena being shoved down their throat. Rock says the people are tired of Cena, but they're not tired of being entertained, and that's where Rock comes in because he loves to entertain...too bad his movies don't. This crowd is just going nuts at random times now haha. When Rock came back and said Cena looked like Fruity Pebbles, the fans started chanting it, and then Cena ended up on the box. He then gets the crowd to start "ladyparts." Rock says half the crowd is chanting Rocky, and the other half lady parts, and tells them to make up their mind. They go with a mixture of both still. Rock then gets them to do Lady Parts. Then Rocky. Rock asks what's the most innovative thing Cena's done. Rock says he knows, it was when Cena changed his jean shorts to camo shorts. Rock says that it's working because we can't find Cena's balls whatsoever. Rock gets a bottle of water as he gets the crowd to chant "Missing balls."

Cena then comes out to a whole arena of boos. Once in the ring, Cena says he couldn't miss this. Cena says only Rock could refer to Cena as Kung Pow Chicken because it's perfect. Cena says he "didn't want to swing through the people's stroodle or whatever he's calling his p---s these days." Cena says he is the guy that runs down Rock when he's not here, but he's also the guy that runs him down when he is here. Cena say she was a Rock fan until he got Dwayne Johnson. Johnson is a self-centered guy that wouldn't care if WWE closed down tomorrow. Cena says he doesn't need stuff to trend worldwide, nor does he need notes for his promo on his wrist. Cena say on April 1, he'll be eying up Dwayne Johnson. And he'll see a man afraid, because Cena is going to beat the hell out of him at WrestleMania. Cena then leaves and tells Rock to continue trending. The crowd chants Rocky after Cena leaves and Rock says it's like Cena to come out, run his mouth and walk away before he slaps the lips off his face. Rock says he's not surprised that Cena confuses the world, but let him tell Cena this, Dwayne Johnson and The Rock is the same man no matter where he is, but the difference between him and Cena is that Cena isn't tough, but the bottom line is it doesn't matter who faces John at WrestleMania, Dwayne or Rock, he will kick Cena's Candy Ass..If you smell What the Rock is cookin'! Rock's music plays and we end the show with him taunting.

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