Jeff Katz Talks Time In WCW, Wrestling Retribution Project, Problems With Wrestling, TNA & More You filmed, back in October, you had a set of tapings. Who were some of the guys that really impressed you at the tapings?

Katz: Well, I think it was a mix, because I really go out and try not to cast the most obvious sort of crew. I wanted something that was eclectic and also made a point to have… I'm going to go get the MVP's of the world and the guys that are more exposed, but then also go get a bunch of guys that maybe people haven't heard of. So, while I'm excited to see the way that a MVP's or Joey Ryan or some of the guys tweak their character to be somebody new. I also think exposing people to guys like Psycho Mike Rollins, Pat Buck and those kind of guys, being able to help sort of give those guys a showcase was in a lot of ways, to me, even more exciting. But I have to say we had a crew of guys who nobody complained, everybody went out and had a phenomenal attitude and we had no drama in the locker room, everybody got along, it's been uniformly positive. It was a special group, there was none of the theatrics that you associate with this sort of thing. I think partially because of the way we approached it, I knew coming in who they were feuding with, what their arches were, etc. It wasn't the sort of thing were a guy is going to up to me and say I'm not putting that guy over, because I just won't put up with it, I'd fire the guy immediately and deal with it. I wasn't going to cast anybody that was going to give me any bulls--t anyway. We got very lucky, we got a very special crew and it's been fun to watch them continue to interact on Twitter and social networking and stuff, like they all bonded.

It was a real pleasure, this entire thing has just been like on a lot of levels it's been exactly what I needed to go do. Even on the Hollywood end it's been very positive. Which frankly I was curious to see how people on that end down there responded and it has been great. So what can people expect from the show? Like how is it different from what they are seeing on the TV right now?

Katz: Well. It's fundamentally modeled differently. I am a seasonal model, so you know if you watch the show your getting a middle and an end in every character, story line or arc. I think also you'll see the way I handle my 3rd act in my title structure is fundamentally different from WWE, TNA, ROH, those types because also frankly I had to devise a system just knowing how the business worked where if I come back and do more of these things, you have to assume your not going to have the same significant selection of the same talent because if they get signed elsewhere, they get poked, whatever, so I had to design a system where I could lose Chris Hero and still keep going. It's designed in that way. I'm not.. I think when people say it's a promotion, I think that it's wrong. That's not what it is. I'm not interested in running house shows, pay-per-views or any of that sort of stuff. I'm looking at this like to create your own comic line at a certain level, that I can return to over the rest of my career at points, and the system I set up in terms of the universe and all of those things lends itself to that. My universe exists with the idea that WWE, TNA, they don't exist, they're not in my world. Some people will be able to deal with that, some people won't.. I'm fine with that. I thought it was really imperative to cut the cord entirely on a WWE dominated narrative where it would be… I don't see the point in taking like Eugene and repackaging him as U-Gene. That's just lazy to me personally, not to knock on him, but to me it was like.. This is a hard re-launch. We understand the concept of multiple universes in comics and these things why not apply that to wrestling. Why sit here and hold it to a chronology that automatically suggest that you have to be in fear of the WWE, I don't believe in that.

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