Jeff Katz Talks Time In WCW, Wrestling Retribution Project, Problems With Wrestling, TNA & More Now how do you get, with WWE and TNA storylines that just started and dropped without any pay off all the time, to where fans have kind of become numb with storylines.

Katz: That's right, nothing matters anymore because you don't trust.. Everyone asked me when the CM Punk thing happened, and I have great respect for him, he's an awesome talent. I think he and Jericho will do terrific together, but I had stopped watching at that point and I remember being down at Comic-con and everybody kept asking me why aren't you watching the CM Punk thing and I said very frankly because I didn't have any stake that they would follow up on it because I had been taught over the last decade that they never follow up on stuff. Just look at the Nexus which is the hottest moment you would have in years and what was the follow up? By then end of two months later they were all worthless. So I don't have any faith that the decisions that are made anymore are the best for continuity or in that zone, and so that is why I just stopped watching. I was like, this is a waste of my time. I wouldn't forgive these types of massive storyline holes from any other media, why should I forgive it from wrestling? Because it's wrestling? Well that's stupid. I completely agree. Do you still watch wrestling at all? I mean even casually or are you kind of completely off?

Katz: I'll watch, I'll bring some stuff in from Japan. The Royal Rumble, which my friends basically paid, we do a drinking game every year which has become popular with my friends down here. They all basically said we'll pay for it if you host the drinking game again, so that was the first WWE television show I had watched since May of last year and I have to say, I don't have any desires to start watching again. I mean I have a lot of friends in the company so I'll root for them and I'll definitely keep tabs on what Jericho and those guys are doing, but I think I've moved on. I don't say that to be holier than thou, I don't miss it. And that is why I think the people that left have left for good. Once you realize that you don't need this in your life, it's actually kind of weirdly free. I think I have become the guy who will… I don't know that I'll buy Wrestlemania this year, but I may just because Jericho and Punk are interesting me. But if I think if anything, I'm the guy who buys Mania and I'll buy the video game. I haven't watched a Monday Night Raw now, it will be a year in May because I really don't miss it at all. I hate saying that, I don't take any joy in that. Yeah, and back to what you were saying with the Royal Rumble, I thought that match was very telling of the problems right now.. in that half…

Katz: I didn't even know who half the guys were! Yeah, that's the thing. In the past 5 or 10 years how many stars have been created? That seemed like the Rumble with the least star power I've ever seen.

Katz: And it was very noticeable, I agree with that. Yeah, like you said with the CM Punk thing last year … I was like, "they are going to mess this up," but there was that 1% of me that is like, please let them follow through correctly on this and unfortunately they keep…

Katz: I'll tell you a funny story, we were sitting in Comic-Con and I bumped into Dave Lagana. I'm talking to Dave and so they had just done the angle where Punk shows up at Comic-Con in the middle of Triple H's press conference, which I thought was brilliant, and Lagana says, "I guarantee he's on TV on Monday, they wouldn't do this if he wasn't on TV." I sat there and I was like, that's insane. Because if it's me, I'm doing Sting and the run up to Sting and Hogan, I'm keeping him off television for 6 months and I'm having him pop up like where's Waldo at baseball games, wearing that belt like he's the real world champion. You do that up until like Royal Rumble… and by never having the guy wrestle, he would have been a bigger pop culture star. Instead, what do they do? Well Dave was right, the very next Monday when he comes down, not only do they have him come down, but he comes down the ramp with entrance music. The minute you do that, he's another guy again. It's like Howard Stern, I am a huge Howard Stern fan and when he re-ups with Sirius and now he complains about his treatment, it's like, well you just had a chance to leave! Duh… I love you but I don't have a lot of sympathy in this scenario because you knew this at the time.

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