Jeff Katz Talks Time In WCW, Wrestling Retribution Project, Problems With Wrestling, TNA & More Right, you never know until you try.

Katz: I would rather be the man in the arena than the guy on the sidelines, even if I lose. Are you looking at a TV deal, or will it be available on the internet?

Katz: We've had a couple of snips in that area. I'm not stupid, it's a license, it's a lot of money, I'm not going to say no if I get a chance to do it. The was designed very specifically to be Netflix, Hulu, iTunes… the whole point of this was basically to go you don't have to do it the whole WWE model and you can still make money and still be successful. So I am much more interested personally in trying to trail blaze in a few of those areas. I'd rather fail being able to go I am the first to direct connect to netflix… you know what I mean, because I think that experiment.. I may only get the ball inside the red zone, and some other kids who's like 15 now may come up with a better version of this and then score, you know? I'm really pretty set about this sort of stuff, so to me it's really just about proving that it can be done in a way that doesn't require USA network or any of that sort of stuff. Again, it's all relative, it's all by economies of scale. I don't have that overhead. It's me and an editor sitting in a room. So, it's a fundamentally different sort of equation that sort of quantifies success. Really at the end of the day just the fact that I have distribution, is like I've already won. I've got the biggest independent distributor in America putting my s--t out. I'll be okay. That will work. And if it doesn't work, I've got a career, I'll be all right. I always said at some point I would do something in wrestling and I got to go back and cross that off the list. It's been just uniformly positive for me. Well, I definitely hope this works and people watch it and it becomes a big success.

Katz: Even if people don't like it, at the very least I can guarantee you at least you are getting a complete story told and you know your not going to have a guys story line dropped in the middle. Which to me is probably the biggest complaint. So at the minimum you can say I don't like the fact they went… did the characters are to edgy and this and that… at least at the very minimum you at least know your getting A to B and B to C and C to D all the way to Z, instead of A to F and then dropping it or A all the way to Z automatically. Do you have any other comments for the reader's of the site?

Katz: I just thank everybody for their support, I appreciate all the feedback from everybody. My Twitter is @KatzMoney, and our Twitter is @TheWRProject and I'm always interacting with everybody over there.

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