Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Back from the break, Swagger is in control of R-Truth. Primo takes control of Truth as Swagger tags in Ziggler. Truth starts fighting back on both men, but gets caught by Primo who goes for a Neckbreaker, but Truth catches him and hits a stereo STO/DDT combination on both men. All three men tag out, and Kofi takes out both Swagger and Epico. Kingston then goes up top and hits a Five Star Crossbody for a two count. Kofi then Scoop Slams Epico on Swagger, and hits a Double Boom Drop. Kofi then signals for the Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler catches him with the Zig Zag. Truth then takes out Ziggler as Swagger tries to steal the win, but Kofi kicks out. Epico goes for the Backstabber, but Swagger reverses for with the Ankle Lock. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise, but before Swagger hits the ground, Primo hits a Backstabber on him, and allows Epico to pin Swagger.

Winners: Primo and Epico

Before they can even celebrate, the pyro goes up and Kane is here! Kane comes in and hits a Double Chokeslam on Primo and Ziggler. Truth then comes in, but he gets caught with a Chokeslam too. Kane then does his signature taunt.

Backstage, Laurinaitis and Otunga are discussing the ridiculousness of the Oscars last night, but they are interrupted by Teddy. Teddy says there's a rumor that Ace won't be running next week's Raw, but Ace counters with a rumor that Teddy has been fired. Teddy says Ace is a horse's ass, and the freakin' crowd starts chanting that. Still to come, Sheamus and Big Show vs Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes.

Back from the break, we go back to last week's Raw, where Eve revealed that she was using Zack, then broke down in tears when Cena called her bad names. Eve then makes her way to the ring, wearing a skimpy dress. Eve gets booed pretty loudly and looks like she's going to cry before she even talks. Then a hoeski chant breaks out, and she tells us that we can go ahead and judge her, but she is a woman living in a man's world. Eve says she may use men, but there's not a man in this world that wouldn't loved to be used by her. She says it's not her fault that men can't resist her. She says she shouldn't be blamed for her assets, but us men should blame ourselves. Eve drops the mic and blows a kiss before leaving the ring. The world is finally ending, King said he would resist Eve if she threw herself at him. Backstage, Kelly calls Eve a totally different person, and Eve laughs at her before walking away. Alicia Fox then steps in the screen but doesn't say anything.

Up next, that Smackdown tag team match I announced earlier. But first, we get a preview for Edge's new movie, Breaking the Rules.

Back on Raw, we get a replay of how Bryan caused Orton a concussion, and it announces that Orton returns to Smackdown this Friday to unleash his fury on Bryan.

Big Show makes his way to the ring for tonight's tag team main event. Sheamus is out next. The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry is the first member of his team followed by the WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Before the match starts, Rhodes says Floyd Mayweather is fighting sometime soon, and says what Mayweather did to Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV was embarrassing. We then get a video highlight of their 2008 feud, presented by Cody in "Another Embarrassing Big Show Moment."

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