Recently, C.M. Punk was interviewed by Beneath The Mat in front of an intimate crowd in Philadelphia. During the interview, Punk discussed; returning to Philadelphia, his least favorite opponent, wanting to punch Mel Gibson in the face, Living Colour, which wrestlers he would want WWE to bring in and more. Here are the highlights:

On the wrestling he least enjoys working with: "Good question. I always get, 'Who's your favorite opponent?' So, this is great because I enjoy talking trash. Does anybody even remember Elijah Burke? Yeah? Ahh, he's terrible. He's absolutely the worst. Absolutely the worst. Talk about a diva. Man, oh man. Sorry if you like him."

On going from one of the most hated wrestling to one of the most popular: "I'm actually very proud of that. I think in the pro wrestling world, I think last year I won all these awards for being this despicable human being. Now, this year, I'm winning 'Superstar Of The Year', 'Wrestler Of The Year' and 'Match Of The Year' and all this stuff. To me, that is what's magical about what I do. I think a guy like Rowdy Piper did that. And I think you guys as fans -- especially here in Philadelphia 'cause you're such hardcore fans -- and this is going to sound like I'm tooting my own horn so I'm going to try to be as humble about this as I can: Pro wrestling fans recognize when someone is so good at what they do, even if they're supposed to be the bad guy. I'm trying to get you to stab me, throw lit pennies at me, whatever. You reach a level that, you guys as fans say, 'Wow. This guy's good.'"

On Living Colour and using "Cult Of Personality" as a theme song: "They actually have [thanked me for using it]. Yeah. It's funny because in 1989 when that song was -- I imagine -- a number one hit, (Note: the song peaked at #13 on Billboard Hot 100 and #9 on Billboard Mainstream Rock) I know it was on the charts and that was my little league team's song. That was the one. I played on a team called the Indians and that was it. I actually used that song when I was on the independents right before I signed [with WWE].

On who he'd like to see WWE bring in: "I would love to fill the roster with talented guys that I know want it and love and wouldn't run away for greener pastures or anything like that. I would love to get [Colt] Cabana his job back. I would love to see [Samoa] Joe given a shot."

To check out part 1 and part 2, watch below.

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